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Given the current economic conditions, what investments does Dr. Wolf recommend for working people and the middle class?

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It is generally unwise and unethical to offer investment advice without knowing the specific circumstances of an individual (and they are always different and unique), so I generally refrain from doing that. That said, let me nonetheless offer a kind of broad advice: the vast turmoil of contemporary capitalism, and especially since the crash of 2008, has now provoked major political upheavals and uncertainties (recent votes in the UK, Italy and the US; earlier political shifts across southern Europe, the rightward shifts in Latin America and chaos in the Middle East) and one of which could further destabilize world capitalism. The deepening inequalities within all capitalist economies - itself a major cause of the political turmoil - shows no sign of being stopped, let alone reversed. And that promises further upheaval. In such circumstances, the obvious advice has to be: be very, very careful and cautious in all your investments since the downside risks are huge and the upside possibilities much more limited and scarce.

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  • Debi Thomas
    commented 2017-01-25 09:43:29 -0500
    This is by no means investment advice, but the good news is that this solution is by far better than an investment. It is a mechanism for the masses to do what the wealthy have done to sequester the wealth. A solution will not come through any government or private sector intervention. It will come from the people refusing the financial system and choosing a better one which now exists. PLEASE watch and share this video of how we are trying to start this revolution in our community: You may learn all about this system at:
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    Ask Prof. Wolff: Investment Advice
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