Capitalism's impact on public health. The dark side.

Dear Prof. Wolff, let me just thank you for many hours of your elaborate and interesting speeches. I am glad to find that USA is having wise people like you that struggle for all of us. A wise man always looks up and anticipates the future. The more focus and more precision he invests in this aspect, the wiser he becomes. Indeed, by each new speech you make, you prove it to be right. I've got a question, a short one: "What has happened to your YouTube channel?". Thank you. On the other note, Id like to hear, in one of your future debates/monologues, what do you think of capitalism's impact on public health? I know you have talked about it on many occasions, but, I'd like to hear about dark trends in USA concerning legal drug abuse, the growing addiction legal opiates, deaths caused by hunger for profit in the name of health "care". I will provide you with a link to an article that argues about it in some detail. I'd really like to hear your say about it: All the best wishes professor, a good health and a long life filled with many more endeavor in destroying the taboo of socialism and communism in the USA and the world.

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  • Bojan Davidovic
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2016-08-22 19:30:08 -0400