Method in their madness!

Obviously, the rich and corporate tycoons are attacking the middle class....why? because these were the people who formed unions, and built parties like socialists and communists that made them pay their fair share ,,,but they think since they already destroyed the troublesome ones, if they are squeezed further they will still be unable to do anything about it......until only poor and rich are left and the only possible stepping stone between them will be non existant. Then they get back to their business of LEADING the rest of the world to the same conditions. This way there will never be a challenge to white man's superiority.....This calls for immediate action...Thus urgency need to come out more forcefully in Mr. Wolff's talks, videos etc. ...will you please do it or depend on american's desire to fight back or close their eyes?

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  • Bob Patil
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2017-08-18 11:57:38 -0400