Chris Hedges sums it all up: White race's war on other races, non christians and the poor.

Since the New Deal Wall Street and the rich here have conspired to slowly dismantle the New Deal as they think ordinary folks do not deserve a good life as the middle class prosperity was brought on by capitalists brains and if middle class prosperity is allowed to to stay then labor unions, socialists and communists will come back and take more from the rich.

In India the British perfected the art of controlling large populations by manipulation and force as necessary. Wall street is constantly coming up with new instuments to fool ordinary folks and install debt peonage. money is going to the top, businesses and charities which are not taxed, so that they can contribute to republicans, thus effectivly crushing the middle class which will not able to do anything even if it wants to arise in arms as militarized police, guards, military and even justice system is in place to thwart all that.

Prison system is privatized and laws modified to make it possible to make prisoners generate income for capitalists with near zero wages. Leaders of labor, socialists and communists are searched for and put in separate isolation cells in order to torture them to insanity or death.

Health system, doctors, insurance and drug and medical manufacturers are allowed to form monopolies that squeeze the middle class so that it will keep working until they die and will not have time to think of doing anything!

They are doing this as this is the only way they can not only control the US but also rest of the world as demonstrated in last 50 years. Thanks. Bob Patil

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  • Bob Patil
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2017-12-03 19:43:23 -0500