Richard D. Wolff on the Basic Universal Income & Role of Technology in Capitalism

Prof. Wolff talks with acTVism Munich about the Basic Universal Income and whether it poses any dangers. In addition, he discusses the role of technological progress in our society and how it should be implemented in the workplace.


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  • Billy Johnson
    commented 2017-07-19 12:09:54 -0400
    Here’s the solution to your UBI problem. Everyone regardless of income gets the UBI. That way the people that have jobs will have the UBI plus their salaries thereby giving them more disposable wealth. This will eliminate your concern. But here’s a new wrinkle for you to consider, if program deadlines are met Lockheed Martin will have a compact fusion reactor ready for the commercial market in 10 years. Can you imagine the impact this will have on human societies?
  • DeAngelo Starnes
    commented 2017-07-15 17:16:38 -0400
    Dr. Wolff again pulls together the disparate stories into the narrative they actually belong. Connecting dots and filling gaps. Essentially he makes a case that makes too much sense. It’s time to get behind this train of thought and kind of thinking.