Why does the population willingly stay asleep?

I suspect this "sleep" begins shortly after we are born. If a mother and a father are also asleep and steal a child's life and attention, the child learns to go along with this process, and indeed, becomes an active coconspirator! Then naturally, the child either grows up as easy fodder in a capitalist society or goes to prison! Imagine a future in which schools and prisons are administered by enlightened Buddhist monks. Until then we will be content with the capitalists stealing our natural human wealth. We start out in a stable, and it gets worse. The capitalists go far beyond harvesting the poor. Soon they are stealing from each other through transferable investments such as stocks and bonds. Brothers and sisters even manage to get each other disinherited. Why aren't there more non-transferable investments such as Social Security? "Waking up" comes about through radio programs such as yours, through trustworthy mentoring, and through resource-rich websites such as my own rock-bottom "Non-escalating.Verbal Self-defense" --http://www.1010playbook.com -- at present, a two-person operation. We are open to becoming a larger enterprise by some unknown means. Any ideas or suggestions?

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My advice is that what you are doing is wise and imaginative. Keep at it until people find their way to you and your work.

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