Do you support nuclear energy?

It's no secret that many folks on the left share a common negative perception about nuclear fission power. In other words, these people on the left hold similar anti-nuclear (energy) views. As someone who subscribes to the values of Social Democracy and Atomic Humanism ( I personally view nuclear energy as a crucial tool to solve many human problems and environmental issues we face today. As do many climate and conservation scientists who also share the same pro-nuclear vision ( ( for the environment and humanity. My position on politics and energy policy can be best summarized with Mathijs Beckers YouTube video ( and the ecomodernist podcast guest Lee Phillips ( (Episode 7: “Austerity, Ecology & the Collapse-Porn Addicts”). I find it very unfortunate that many of my fellow progressives are against nuclear power. Sen. Sanders for example is against nuclear in favor for 100% Wind, Water, & Solar energy system based on an a (refuted) academic study ( In addition, popular youtube alternative progressive news outlets such as TYT, DemocracyNow, etc are stubbornly anti-nuclear irregardless of the overwhelming evidence that nuclear energy is safe and is our best chance to stave off runaway climate change ( as recommended by IPCC, UNSCEAR, and AAAS. So as someone who consumes your youtube content as part of my weekly media consumption. I am honestly curious as to where you stand on the subject of nuclear energy. In my opinion, more progressives and socialists should carefully reconsider nuclear fission power as part of the solution to transition from a hydrocarbon economy to a clean energy economy. As progressives, we ought to talk more about all our clean energy technologies (including nuclear energy) to bring about a great Anthropocene ( That’s just my opinion of course. I really like to hear yours. Thanks for your time, Ambrose B.

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  • Ambrose Begay
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2017-11-11 04:58:24 -0500