The Socialist Program: The New York Times' War Against Workers

On today's episode Brian Becker and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss the newly released New York Times internal communications about the unionization efforts going on at the newspaper. U.S. politicians and officials loudly and frequently declare the United States to have "free press" -- but how does capitalism and for-profit, union-busting, private press operate freely?

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Boom Bust: US Consumer Debt Soars in 2021

While the US economy may be rebounding from its COVID-19 lows, household debt in the nation soared in 2021. Prof Wolff joins Boom Bust to discuss. 

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Boom Bust: European Diplomatic Efforts Underway

The first meeting between President Biden and Germany's new Chancellor takes place in Washington as the President of France travels to Russia. Prof Wolff joins to break down the latest talks and what they could mean for geopolitical tensions.

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Economic Update: Rebuilding a Labor and Left Movement

[S12 E05] New

This week on Economic Update, Prof. Wolff presents a critique of US Megacorp merger (Microsoft and Activision Blizzard), China vs US on inflation and economic growth, and the collapse of Boris Johnson...READ MORE

RT America: Biden's visit to iron workers is 'photo op'

President Biden is traveling to Maryland address an iron workers union and sign an executive order on labor agreements used for federal construction projects. The order is focused on strengthening union jobs in construction and promises to "improve timeliness, lower costs and increase quality." RT America's Paxton Boyd reports. Then Prof. Richard Wolff, founder of Democracy at Work, shares his expertise.

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U.S. Politicians Spend Their Time Papering Over the Social Problems Caused by Profit-Driven Capitalism

"Denial and displacement serve mainstream politics in capitalist societies. The politicians who are part of the system hide, as far as possible, the complicity of profit-driven capitalism in causing social problems."

Article by Richard D. Wolff

Read more Professor Richard Wolff Will Surprise You Regarding The Cancellation of Student Debt

Professor Richard Wolff, host of Economic Update, joins Julianna to discuss the societal impacts of student loans in general and canceling them in specific. Strap in! Richard Wolff's latest book is The Sickness Is The System: When Capitalism Fails To Save Us From Pandemics or Itself (BUY HERE:

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Thom Hartmann: Dangerous Crash If Fed Can't Carefully Regulate Interest Rates

On the Thom Hartmann program: Housing & Stock Market Could Crash if Fed Can't Carefully Regulate Interest Rates. But the big corporations aren't interested in economic stability, they are only interested in profit.

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The Socialist Program: An Empire in Decline: Why the Ruling Class Blame Game Will Fail

Brian Becker and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss the increasingly unstable political environment, as Dr. Wolff writes about in his newest article. He argues that some politicians are denying there are any problems while some find a scapegoat where they can direct people's anger--and both of which are symptoms of the political elite desperately trying to protect the capitalist system.

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Peaceful Political Revolution in America: The Sickness is the System

On the Peaceful Political Revolution podcast, Prof Wolff joins to discuss how the sickness is the system. If the Sickness is the System, we have some serious problems. Are we all still living and working under a modern form of slavery? Do we ourselves need to be emancipated? If so, how would we do that, and what kind of society would we create?

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Economic Update: The Socialism Issue

[S12 E04] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff talks about the recreation of `company towns' (eg., Kalamazoo, MI) by the richest US capitalists, Biden and the reality of US jobs lost, how and why the US...READ MORE

The Socialist Program: Fear Grips Wall Street: Is the Big Crash Coming?

Brian Becker and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss the recently turbulent stock market. What does this mean for the economy and for us? Is this volatility a sign of something to come?

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Boom Bust: US Threatens Russia with Sanctions

On Boom Bust: With tensions rising on the Ukrainian border, the US is threatening to level sanctions against Russia in the event of an invasion. We'll discuss what impact the proposed sanctions could have.

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The Columbia Political Review Podcast: Reflections on the State of American Capitalism

Prof Wolff joins the Columbia Political Review Podcast to discuss reflections on the state of American capitalism. 

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The Nomiki Show: The Socialist Response to the Pandemic

Prof Wolff joins the Nomiki Show to discuss the socialist response to the pandemic. 

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PBS: "Report From Santa Fe"

Richard Wolff joined the PBS program "Report from Santa Fe" to discuss how The Sickness is the System. 

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Economic Update: The End of the Megamachine

[S12 E03] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff talks about the sharp reduction in US population growth; how "lockdowns" are the anti-Covid policy everywhere, some gov't run and focused while others are...READ MORE

Diet Soap Media: Richard Wolff on Vaccines and the Working Class

On Diet Soap Media in this conversation with Douglas Lain, Prof Wolff discusses vaccine mandates and the growing opposition to them amongst the working class.

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The Socialist Program: Wall Street Panic: The Paradox of Inflation & A Slowing Economy

On the Socialist Program with Brian Becker: 

Cascading crises rocked Wall Street and the stock market, which crashed yesterday, as inflation spikes and the economy slows. Things are about to get much worse as the Federal Reserve plans to raise interest rates.

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Zero Hour: American Cacophony

On Zero Hour with RJ Eskow: Prof Wolff joins to discuss American Cacophony. 

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Boom Bust: Pandemic throws millions into poverty

On Boom Bust: The disparity between rich and poor has been compounded by the pandemic as millions have fallen into debt and poverty while the richest have thrived. We take a look at the growing disparity.

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Richard D. Wolff on "Tavis Smiley"

Richard Wolff joins Tavis Smiley for an interivew. 

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Economic Update: Emotions and US Politics Today

[S12 E02] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff talks about US bank closings as a sign of system decline; victory for 3000 striking Columbia University students; Laredo, Texas combats food deserts with co-ops; pandemic years worsen...READ MORE

The Socialist Program: Murdered by Capitalism: Housing Fires Kill the Poor

The Socialist Program: Walter Smolarek and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss the devastating residential fire over the weekend in New York City that claimed 17 lives, including 8 children. Coming on the heels of a similar deadly blaze in Philadelphia public housing that killed 4 adults and 8 children, this tragedy highlights the complete inability of the capitalist system to provide safe, dignified housing for workers.

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Boom Bust: Inflation reaches 7% highest level since 1982

On Boom Bust: Inflation in the world's two largest economies is not in lockstep as one sees easing while the other is seeing its highest rate in decades. We'll discuss the challenges.

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