Zero Hour: Capitalism, Global Empire, and Eskow's Grandpa

Prof Wolff joins Zero Hour with RJ Eskow to discuss capitalism, the global empire, and Eskow's Grandpa. 

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The Socialist Program: Historic Price Surge Continues -- Recession Coming?

Brian Becker and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss what's coming next for our economy as inflation rises and pressure mounts on the Federal Reserve to pull back its extraordinary support for big business. Is a recession coming?

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Politics Done Right: The death of American Capitalism

On Politics Done Right with Egberto Willies, Economist and Professor Dr. Richard Wolff explains why America's capitalism is, as the economic system of past empires, on a permanent decline.

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Economic Update: Ukraine & An Empire’s Decline

[S12 E15] New

This week on Economic Update, Prof. Wolff discusses nurses’ suicides as results of our profit-driven healthcare, sanctions and their effect on inflation, US states where 40% of workers earn under $15/hr, and US corporate...READ MORE

The Role of Capitalism in the War in Ukraine

Article by Richard Wolff

"Global warfare (“world wars”) accompanied the globalization of capitalism and its profit motive. The war in Ukraine is the latest chapter in the history of capitalism, empire, and war."

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Ben Burgis: Richard Wolff Debates Branko Marcetic on Vaccine Mandates

GTAA Season 3 Episode 41 with Ben Burgis: Prof. Richard Wolff and Jacobin Staff Writer Branko Marcetic hash out a disagreement on vaccine mandates. Prof. Wolff is critical of such mandates on workers' rights grounds while Branko has strongly endorsed them in Jacobin. Ben Burgis is, just this once a moderator instead of a participant in a debate.

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Thom Hartmann: Deutsche Bank Forecasts US Recession

Prof Wolff joins the Thom Hartmann program: The Federal Reserve's fight against inflation will spark a recession in the United States that begins late next year, Deutsche Bank warned on Tuesday. Richard Wolff discusses what the frightening big bank prediction, what a US recession would mean for you and what you can do about it.

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The Socialist Program: Amazon Workers Rise: Union Wins Historic Victory Against Corporate Giant

On The Socialist Program: Brian Becker and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss how Amazon workers in Staten Island made history by forming the first labor union in the United States at the corporate giant. Meanwhile, support for unionization increased as Amazon workers participated in a re-vote at a facility in Bessemer, Alabama, with the final outcome still too close to call. The surge of labor militancy is continuing and taking on bigger and bigger opponents – what comes next?

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Economic Update: Capitalism and Its Self-delusions

[S12 E14] New

In the first half of this week's show, Wolff evaluates US capitalism as a system of production and distribution of goods and services. In the second half, he compares...READ MORE

Thom Hartmann: How Putin’s Demand for Ruble Payments for Gas Will Play Out

Prof Wolff joins Thom Hartmann to discuss: Germany buys 40% of its gas from Russia, via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. These contracts are in euros and dollars, yet Russia is now demanding payment in Roubles. Germany has declined and warned that there may be shortages and rationing of gas.

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The Afternoon Buzz 3.25.22- The Good Work with Jeff Napolitano & Economist Richard Wolff

March 25, 2022: On the Afternoon Buzz, Prof Wolff on explains how sanctions work and whether they are likely to be successful. 

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Economic Update: Amazon Workers Organize a Union

[S12 E13] New

This week on Economic Update, Prof. Wolff talks about oil and gas inflation, its impacts, and politicians' phony solutions, the stagnant US gender pay gap and its significance, and why Americans are experiencing economic crisis, while Biden...READ MORE

Consortium News: Ukraine - the Economic Fallout

Economists Michael Hudson and Richard Wolff join Consortium News Live! to discuss the economic war against Russia, its boomerang effect on the West. 


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UMass Amherst's 91.1 WMUA: Legacies of Leftism

Richard Wolff joins the first installment of 91.1 WMUA radio program of UMass, Amherst for a new series Legacies of Leftism, an exploration of UMass's radical past, not as a formula but as a foundation for a radical future.

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The Creative Process' One Planet Podcast: How Socialism Benefits Our Lives & the Planet

Prof Wolff joins the Creative Process' One Planet podcast to discuss Capitalism & How Socialism Benefits Our Lives & the Planet (53 mins). 

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Thom Hartmann: How Do We Deal With Hunger?

On Thom Hartmann: Ukraine produces a significant amount of the world’s wheat, especially for poorer countries in North Africa and the Middle East.

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The Socialist Program: U.S. Capitalists Scapegoat Russia for Soaring Prices

Brian Becker and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss the still increasing costs of many necessities, as the United States flounders in the economic crisis that's now been ongoing for several years. To what extent is the war in Ukraine having an effect?

Read more Ukraine Attack Sparks Worldwide Economic Fallout

Prof Wolff joins Julianna Forlano on to discuss the worldwide economic fallout from the Russian attack on Ukraine. 

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Economic Update: Christian Socialism

[S12 E12] New

This week on Economic Update, Prof Wolff presents updates on Amazon workers' strike, the impact of US inflation, and the underappreciated economic aspects of Russia-Ukraine war...READ MORE

Economic Update: Ukraine, Race and Class

[S12 E11] New

This week's show on Economic Update, Prof. Wolff talks about the emerging new world order, Ukraine and inflation, and the economics of sanctions.  On the second half of the show...READ MORE

KPFK Letters & Politics: A New Era of Financial Warfare

On KPFK's Letters & Politics with Mitch Jeserich, Prof Wolff joins to discuss a new era of financial warfare. 

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Economic Update: What Marx & Marxism Offer us Today

[S12 E10] New

This week's show features a discussion of what Marx offers in the way of a basic critique of capitalism and an alternative economic system that would be better for most people, and how this...READ MORE


VOICES OF RESISTANCE FROM THE NATION'S CAPITAL–Friday: 10AM, WPFW 89.3 FM, DC; Noon, WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta; 3PM WBAI 99.5 New York City, and 20 more stations. Podcast and Archive Here. Esther Iverem, Creator, Producer and Host: 

After decades of watching the NATO military alliance move right up to its border—and after months of having its security guarantees dismissed—Russia attacks military targets in neighboring Ukraine. We speak to Our geopolitical analyst Professor Gerald Horne. In response to Russia’s action, the U.S. announced NEW economic sanctions claiming that Russia’s actions are unprovoked. Prof Wolff joins 'On the Ground'. 

Read more Lefty Headline Rundown: The Economy, The War and The Rent W/ Richard Wolff

Prof Richard Wolff joins Julianna to discuss the economic headlines of the day: Major investors are saying the economy is screwed but they are missing a few tiny details; Russia, Ukraine and how it will screw our pocketbooks at home; and yep, that guy was right, the rent is too damn high. Here's why! 

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Economic Update: Green Party vs 2-Party Monopoly

[S12 E09] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff talks about the UK selling visa to the rich, why "non-profit" is really "un-taxed," Apple's CEO's 2021 pay of $99 million, AOC and NYPD arrests for stealing...READ MORE