Jacobin Weekends: Capitalists Have Never Been More Incompetent

Prof Wolff joins Jacobin Weekends with Ana Kasparian & Nando Vila to explain why Congressional partisan battles are like professional wrestling and why global capitalism continues to experience crisis after crisis.

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Root Cause Lecture Series: Why Environmentalism Must be Anti-Capitalist

Prof Wolff joins the Root Cause lecture series to discuss why environmentalism must be anti-capitalist. 

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KKFI: Heartland Labor Forum: Supply Chain Blues and Will Santa Deliver?

On KKFA: Heartland Labor Forum radio, Prof Wolff joins to discuss:

Will Santa be late for Christmas? Will his supply chain deficiencies leave your stocking empty? Some want to blame workers who don’t want to work or a global pandemic. On this week’s Heartland Labor Forum, we’ll explore the truth about “Supply Chain Blues” with Richard Wolff. Then we’ll ask American Postal Workers Union president Mark Dimondstein if postal cutbacks are slowing Santa down and about needed legislation, and hopes for expansion of postal service.

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The Socialist Program: Worshiping at the Altar of Billionaires

On the Socialist Program with Brian Becker: 

Elon Musk is TIME magazine's Person of the Year this year, despite gaining more than $225 billion dollars over the course of the pandemic, while hundreds of thousands of Americans died. Why does the mainstream capitalist culture worship him and billionaires like him?

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KPFA Special: Demystifying Inflation

Prof Wolff joins a KPFA special episode on Letters & Politics with Mitch Jeserich to discuss demystifying inflation.

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FirebreathinRob: Biden Presidency, Vaccine Mandates, Worker Strikes, Inflation

On the FirebreathinRob YouTube: Prof Wolff talks Biden Presidency, Vaccine Mandates, Worker Strikes, Inflation, Real Estate Crisis, Jobs/China Crisis, Hope for Gen Z/Millennials. 

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Economic Update: Ecology, Co-ops & Profit

[S11 E46] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on 50 years of fossil fuel corps putting profits before science, CVS to close 900 drugstores as part of decline of US workers living standards, FBI lies in Malcolm X assassination...READ MORE

Upstream Podcast: Inflation

On Upstream Podcast, Prof Wolff and Dean Baker: Inflation — a somewhat slippery topic that has been dominating headlines recently. It’s all caught up in the murky and often misleading narratives floating around on the pandemic economy, things we’ve discussed recently like the quote labor shortage, supply chains, spending bills in Washington. Anyways, the mainstream narratives get a lot wrong. Especially when they’re coming from the more right-wing elements — there’s just a lot of bad analysis and straight up mis- and even dis- information out there. So, we’re gonna take a shot at trying to actually unpack this idea of inflation: what is it? Why are we seeing inflation taking place? Why is the mainstream coverage of it often flawed?

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Economic Update: Class Struggles in the US Today

[S11 E45] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff talks about teacher burnout economics, inflation as an employer-employee fight, the "labor shortage" isn't, "Build Back Better" does not begin to approach what Europe already has, the basic political economy of...READ MORE

Zero Hour: New Metaverse, Same Old Capitalist BS

On Zero Hour with RJ Eskow, Prof Wolff discusses the new metaverse and the same old capitalist BS. 

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Act.TV: Blaming the Supply Chain To Cover The Crumbling Of Capitalism

Julianna welcomes back Professor and Economist Richard Wolff to discuss how so much has been made of the post-pandemic supply chain crisis here in the US... and they question if the premise that these supply chain issues are simply part of the fall out from the pandemic or is there something deeper at play? 

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The Socialist Program: Why China Succeeded and the U.S. Failed to Beat COVID

Brian and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss how the Omicron variant is causing panic in global financial markets, with huge stock sell-offs taking place worldwide. What can we learn about how different countries have handled the pandemic, and the radically different outcomes they produced?

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Economic Update: Imagining a Different Economy

[S11 E44] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on his recent debate with Ayn Rand Institute on capitalism vs socialism, inflation in Europe, an analysis of right vs left splitting in US today, and real vs fake causes of...READ MORE

Thom Hartmann: If Interest Rates Go Up - Will the World Economy Be Destroyed?

Prof. Wolff on the Thom Hartmann program: No matter what happens to near-term inflation and growth - is the world is too indebted for rates to rise much higher?

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Biden hails autonomy of the Federal Reserve

Prof Wolff on Boom Bust: The United States continues to grapple with the dueling crises of inflation and supply chain shortages, because of this President Biden has reiterated the need for the autonomy of the Federal Reserve.

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The Socialist Program: Biden Backs Fed Chair Powell: How the Ruling Class Rules

Walter Smolarek and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss the Biden administration's announcement that Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell would be renominated for a second term. Powell, a former finance capitalist who has headed the Fed since 2018, was the Wall Street favorite for the job. What role has Powell played in the management of U.S. capitalism?

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What China Learned From U.S. Capitalism’s Development

Article by Richard D. Wolff

"The superiority of the recent Chinese record over that of the United States is persuasive evidence for China to continue its policy. China learned from the United States how to outperform U.S. capitalism."

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Zero Hour: The Truth About Inflation

On Zero Hour with RJ Eskow: The Truth About Inflation.

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Hartmann: Why Financialization Damages America

How does Financialization Damage America and what is it anyway?

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Economic Update: Chris Hedges & US Prisons

[S11 E43] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on South Dakota leads US to become world's #2 "tax haven,"  pandemic's economic shock cut by very uncapitalistic means, why employers want the govt to pay workers to go back to work, and how libertarians...READ MORE

The KPFA Evening News (Sunday) – November 14, 2021

Prof Wolff joins the KPFA Evening News to discuss inflation. 

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Economic Update: Germany Shifts Left

[S11 E42] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on Biden's and Democrats' fading tax reforms, German and Austrian politics shift left, Yale sells out to rich donors, product shortages...READ MORE

Economic Update: A Story of War

[S11 E41] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff discusses how Amazon rips off small business and squeezes workers, US and China's military tactics, top mainstream economists grasp the deepening critique of capitalism, and how strikes at Nabisco and Kellogg expose capitalism's classic contours of...READ MORE

WHMP: Why the Troubled U.S. Empire Could Quickly Fall Apart

Buz talks to Professor Richard Wolff, who discusses his latest article, Why the Troubled U.S. Empire Could Quickly Fall Apart

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RT America News: States eye child labor to fill jobs

Some states intend to weaken child labor protections as a direly needed solution to the hiring shortage as millions of Americans strike for better pay and conditions. Bills under consideration will allow younger workers to work longer hours. Critics of the policy point to research demonstrating the adverse impact of child labor on academic performance and behavior. So are America's youth standing at the threshold of new opportunities, or at the brink of exploitation? RT America's John Huddy reports. Then Prof. Richard Wolff, host of "The Economic Update" weighs in. He calls it "shameful," exploitative, historically retrograde and "downright perverse."

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