The News with Rick Sanchez: China's rise is unstoppable, even for Biden

Relations between Beijing and Washington are at a worrying new low as the two superpowers meet in Alaska for a tense, highly-anticipated summit. The Biden administration has just imposed a new round of sanctions of Chinese individuals and entities and referred to its government as "insidious, corrosive and corrupt." Meanwhile, the Chinese economy is set to overtake that of the US in 2028. RT America's Alex Mihailovich reports for the News with Rick Sanchez. Prof. Richard Wolff joins The News with Rick Sanchez to share his insights on this.

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The Hill Rising: Biden’s No FDR, Here’s The Proof

Richard Wolff joins The Hill's Rising with Krystal Ball & Saagar Enjeti to analyze the latest relief package. "What really irks me is the comments from some of the Democratic leaders. The other day a statement from Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel prize winning economist who should know better, this notion that it is 'transformative,' that it's going to eradicate poverty, this is nutty. This is not gonna do that... You're grateful for [the help], but boy is this less than what we need... So comparing [Biden] to FDR does a disservice to one of the few who were willing to think structurally in the history of the Democratic party."

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Economic Update: People to People: Horizontal Social Change

[S11 E10] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on the Texas energy catastrophe, the 'Robinhood/Reddit' Wall Street incident, college workers organizing, Hollywood's dependency on China, and how New Zealand...READ MORE

Radio Sputnik: The American Rescue Plan

Richard Wolff joins Radio Sputnik to discuss the 1.9 trillion dollar COVID-relief package, and gives our hosts his idea of what would be necessary to address both proximate and structural problems in the US economy. Also, Dr. Wolff critiques the economic response to the economic fallout from the pandemic.

"Notice please, that almost everything that is in this bill is a temporary support. That's why the word 'rescue' is appropriate... I appreciate the help and the relief that there will be, but none of this changes the basic structure of the American economy and that's the biggest problem: not even the virus, not even the crash. It's a system that isn't working, not a lack of resources." 

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Watching The Hawks: The Economics of the Covid-19 Stimulus

Richard Wolff joins Watching The Hawks to break down the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Biden Covid-19 Stimulus.

"I believe Nancy Pelosi was the one who referred to it (or at least one of the leaders in the congress) as a 'transformative' bill. That's what it isn't and that has to be understood or else we're going to be in a very, very dangerous position in which promises are made or implied and will not and cannot be kept."

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The Zero Hour: Imagining a Real American Rescue

Richard Wolff joins RJ Eskow on The Zero Hour to discuss the new stimulus bill and why it is not the transformative action that we need.

"A 'stimulus' carries with it the implication that the basic structure and the basic organization of what you're trying to stimulate is not the problem... I don't believe it for one minute. I don't think we're at that point. I think what the economy needs is a radical transformation."

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Thom Hartmann: Rising Food Prices Could Bring World War

Food lines, growing prices, and widening inequality are all leading to global unrest. Economist Richard Wolff warns that it will only get worse. 

What is the relationship between rising food prices and social unrest? Prices have increased by 2.4% in just February. What does this mean for the economy? What does that mean for the world's hungry? Professor Richard Wolff joined The Thom Hartmann Program to discuss how healthy the economy is for food and whether there is trouble on the way.

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The Socialist Program: Why are Super-Rich Democrats Called "Moderates" When they Wage Class War vs. Low-Income Workers?

Why are super-rich democrats called "moderates" when they wage class war vs. low-income workers? Professor Wolff joins Brian Becker on The Socialist Program to discuss the "moderate" label, as well as the new $1.9 trillion stimulus as bill.

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Boom Bust: The $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Bill

The $1.9 trillion stimulus bill has made its way through both houses of Congress and is on the way to President Biden's desk. Prof Wolff joins Boom Bust to lend his analysis and forecasts about the potential efficacy of the programs within the bill.
"Will it give a boost to the economy? In the short run probably yes... For me what's the key issue here is the sustainability of whatever boost it gets and I don't think it's enough, and I think it's very late in the day. So I'm very worried that the promises and the great hopes that have been generated here will not see fruition beyond that initial boost."

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Economic Update: Socialism and Puerto Rico

[S11 E09] New

On this week's EU, Prof. Wolff presents updates on worsening US inequality, universities borrowing more, billions earned by hedge funds in 2020, Bezos...READ MORE

Zero Books: Capitalism and the Pandemic, discussion of "The Sickness is the System"

The coronavirus pandemic, the deepening economic crash, dangerously divisive political responses, and exploding social tensions have thrown an already declining American capitalist system into a tailspin. In this video the economist Richard D. Wolff discusses how capitalism works and doesn't work as he describes his new book from Democracy at Work "The Sickness is the System: When Capitalism Fails to Save Us from Pandemics or Itself" and Douglas Lain tries to set up a conversation on State Capitalism and Workers Co-Ops for the parrot room.

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Sputnik News: Disintegration of Political System Helps Explain Rising Censorship

Increased social media and tech censorship must be understood in the wider context of the establishment desperately seeking to hold on to what used to be called "the vital centre", a US-based author and economist tells Sputnik. Professor Wolff explained why such behaviour by internet giants must be understood as part of a wider collapse of the economic system, and the attempts of those who already hold power to reaffirm and consolidate their ever weakening position.

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Thom Hartmann: Economists Proves Sanctions Don't Work

Cuba, Venezuela and Iran are all facing sanctions from the United States. Many of these sanctions are hurting innocent people, but the government's of those countries are not changing. Do Sanctions work or do they just hurt people? Sanctions are not working. Richard Wolff joins The Thom Hartmann Program to explain.

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Boom Bust: Russia Promises Sanctions Retaliation

In the wake of fresh US sanctions, Russia has vowed to retaliate. Prof Wolff joins Boom Bust to look at the impact of sanction efforts around the globe."This is political theater, this is not to be taken seriously."

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Your Call on KLAW: How Capitalism Failed During The Pandemic & Where We Go From Here

On this edition of Your Call, we’re speaking with economist Richard Wolff about his latest book, The Sickness is the System: When Capitalism Fails to Save Us from Pandemics or Itself. He argues that in order to address the failures of capitalism, we can’t "return to normal.”

He says we must transition toward a new economic system that works for everyone, including workplace democracy. He says we can do better than capitalism. What changes would you like to see?

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The Socialist Program: Intellectual Property Rights are a Form of Theft

Brian Becker and Prof. Wolff discuss how intellectual property rights are used by capitalists to stifle innovation and hold back progress while protecting their profits. They focus especially on how this phenomenon is playing out when it comes to the Coronavirus vaccines.

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Economic Update: The System Implodes: Amazon, Evictions, Tax Abuses, and Minimum Wages P

[S11 E08] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff discusses Amazon's profits; New York state's eviction crisis and capitalism's reproduction of poverty and inequality; New York's stock...READ MORE

Zero Down: Interview by Arthashastra Economics Society

The Editorial Board of the Arthashastra Economics Society in India interviews Prof. Richard D. Wolff

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ActTV: The Texas Disaster - A Tipping Point For Capitalism?

Julianna Forlano welcomes back Professor of Economics Richard D. Wolff to ActTV, to discuss how as disasters pile up in the US, like the recent deep freeze in Texas, wildfires, rapidly intensifying hurricanes, droughts, floods, tornadoes, heat waves, not to mention related pandemics... Will there come a point when the US economy won’t be able to handle it? And how close are we to a tipping point?

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Thom Hartmann: What You Don't Know About Bond Yields

What are Bond yields, and why should you care about them? The Bond market is where people loan money and provide an interest on the repayment. It is used by governments and corporations. This all sounds very business related, but it does affect you – it really does. Prof Wolff joins Thom Hartmann to explain why.

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In Question: ERCOT board members resign after power failures in Texas

Richard Wolff joins In Question to weigh in on the tragic situation in Texas, and explain the economics of the Texas power distribution system.

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Boom Bust: China's Chip Supply Chain

While the pandemic has thrown everything into flux, global supply chains are being revisited as transpacific ties are at their lowest in years. Professor Richard Wolff and Boom Bust's Ben Swann join the program to examine the state of Chinese trade and the semiconductor supply chain.

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The Socialist Program: End Capitalist Control Over Heat & Light

Brian Becker and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss the terrible storm in Texas and elsewhere in the south that has caused death, destruction and a near total breakdown in infrastructure. What does this say about the capitalist system?


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Politics Done Right: Richard Wolff discusses capitalism & more in the ebook release of The Sickness is the System.

Richard Wolff discusses capitalism & more in an appearance on Politics Done Right with Egberto Willies. Professor Wolff did not mince his words about capitalism, COVID, and more with the release of his ebook, The Sickness is the System.

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Economic Update: Why Capitalism Reproduces Inequality and a Solution

[S11 E07] New

The extreme economic inequalities of both global and US capitalism are not new or exceptional. Capitalism reproduces inequality and repeatedly blocks or reverses redistribution...READ MORE