Thom Hartmann: Are Co-Ops Really an Alternative To Capitalism?

Prof Wolff joins the Thom Hartmann program to discuss: Capitalism gets a lot of critique but what are the alternatives to capitalism? Can worker coops really stop the pitfalls of capitalism? Will a world of worker Co-ops change the system enough or should we go further?

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The Glenn Show: Democracy and Capitalism | Glenn Loury, John McWhorter & Richard Wolff

Glenn Loury. John McWhorter, and economist Richard Wolff discuss the flight of capital from formerly thriving American cities in the wake of de-industrialization. They also debate the relative merits of planned economies and free markets, as well as the rights of workers to determine the fate of the companies they work for.

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Guerilla History: The Economics of Imperialism and Inflation

On Guerilla History, Prof Wolff talks about the economics of both imperialism and inflation - two major issues facing nearly everyone today, but that we often don't look at the economic drivers or mechanisms of.

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Economic Update: Marianne Williamson on US Politics

[S12 E29] New

In this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on the decline/fall of Boris Johnson and the parallels with Trump; the Sri Lanka collapse and its lessons; Match Corp secretly funding sides in "culture wars" to...READ MORE

Zero Hour: The 500 Year future of Inflation

Prof Wolff joins Zero Hour with RJ Eskow to discuss: The 500 Year future of Inflation. 

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Thom Hartmann: Will Economy Burn You Before Climate Change Does?

On the Thom Hartmann program, Prof Wolff joins to discuss: The environment isn't the only thing on fire, the only question is, what will burn you first, climate change or the economy? The massive heatwaves are pushing up the use of electricity for air-conditioning and putting up our power cost. The climate scientists told us this would happen – but did we listen? Prices rise – corporations make more profit – capitalism take over – and we have fewer dollars in our pocket. How is this all going to work out?

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The KPFA Evening News (Sunday) – July 24, 2022

Prof Wolff joins KPFA Evening News on July 24 to discuss 'greedflation', and how corporate bosses and top Federal Reserve officials have gotten away with blaming worker wages as a factor in surging prices which have pushed overall inflation in the US to a four decade high. 

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Democracy Now! Fed Rate Hikes Are “Body Blow” to Workers Reeling from Pandemic, Growing Inequality

On Democracy Now! Prof Wolff joins to discuss  how experts forecast another economic recession in the United States, with inflation at a historic high and a federal minimum wage that hasn’t changed for 13 years. The Federal Reserve plan to combat rising inflation by raising interest rates delivers a “body blow to a working class” already suffering from decades of upward wealth redistribution and a pandemic, says Wolff. 

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Economic Update: Twin Upsurges - Unionizing and Left Politics

[S12 E28] New

In this week's show, Prof Wolff discusses the unionization efforts by post-doc medical researchers vote union, central bankers mislead on inflation, rising economic footprint and power of...READ MORE

The Community Church of Boston: The Economic, Political and Social Crisis of the United States

Prof Wolff spoke with the Community Church of Boston covering the economic, political and social crisis of the United States. He also discussed China, debt, and European socialism, and how people are opting out of the capitalist system. Originally published on April 4, 2021. 

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Thom Hartmann: Should the Federal Reserve be Abolished?

On the Thom Hartmann Program, Prof Wolff joins to discuss: should the Federal Reserve be abolished?: “End the FED” – so said Ron Paul, forever. What is the FED? Why is the FED and what would happen if we got rid of the Federal Reserve? If control went away, would the banks simply take all the profit and harm the economy for their benefit? Should we keep the FED, or disband it?

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The Socialist Program: Inflation: A Capitalist Tool of Class War Against the Working Class

On the Socialist Program: Brian Becker and Prof. Richard Wolff break down the real cause of inflation. Inflation is rising prices, which is something the working class doesn't control. Businesses—and the Fed when it raises prices for borrowers by increasing interest rates—do control prices. Why do businesses do this since inflation is bad for the economy? Can the government change this?

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Economic Update: Swedish Socialism Undone

[S12 E27] New

In this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on SCOTUS decisions, on the chaos of a declining capitalism, French elections and a strongly resurging French left, and on the meaning of recent collapse of the cryptocurrency markets. In the second half of the show, Wolff interviews Eleanor Goldfield...READ MORE

Zero Hour: Richard Wolff on The Banality of Evil Economics

On the Zero Hour with RJ Eskow: Prof Wolff joins to discuss 'the banality of evil economics'. 

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Thom Hartmann: Why Quantitative Easing Should Concern You

On the Thom Hartmann program: What is Quantitative Easing and why should you care about it? Economist Richard Wolff answers why these big economic terms carry a lot of meaning for working class Americans.

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New York Daily News: On Prime Day, declare independence from Amazon

Op-ed by Richard Wolff for New York Daily News: 

"Amazon is like the British Empire was. Instead of a king, Amazon has a CEO. That CEO has a board of directors like King George III had his court. The CEO and the board rule over the 1.6 million employees (full and part-time). They control whether that enormous number of people do or do not have a job. Thereby, they control the financial security and well-being of further millions of family members and of the communities that depend on them."


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The Bitchuation Room: Deep Doo Doo

On The Bitchuation Room with Francesca Florentini: How is the cost of inflation falling on working Americans? And why is the Federal Reserve adding insult to injury by raising interest rates? We talk economic sh*t in unprecedented times with Professor Richard Wolff. 

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Economic Update: The Great Replacement Theory

[S12 E26] New

In this week's show, Prof Wolff discusses the replacement theory's grain of truth amidst its mostly ideological function: to save capitalism from criticism. He analyzes why US capitalists deprived so many white, male, Christian workers of their jobs, incomes, and social standing over recent decades and why that analysis was largely silenced by...READ MORE

CounterPunch Radio: Richard Wolff

On CounterPunch Radio with Eric Draitser: Prof. Wolff provides his analysis of the inflation issue and what banks, corporations, and the US Government can and should (but probably won’t) do. Eric and Richard also discuss unemployment, interest rates, the crypto collapse, the future of the US dollar as a global reserve currency, and much more. Don’t miss the latest CounterPunch Radio!


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Useful Idiots Podcast: Richard Wolff Doesn't Want to Scare You But...

Prof Wolff joins Katie Halper and Matt Taibbi on Useful Idiots to discuss: inflation, what steps could be taken to tame it, and why the hell no one’s doing anything about it.

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Thom Hartmann: Economist Reveals The Truth About Inverted Yield Curve Curse

On the Thom Hartmann program: Do recessions really follow the Inverted Yield Curve? What is an Inverted Yield Curve? Treasury Bonds. Treasury Bond interest. Inverted Yield Curves, Two-year vs ten-year. What on earth is this all about, and how does it affect you? And, will your business have difficulties with loans to develop?

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Stuck Nation Radio: 4th of July Edition – Collective Action Needed to Deliver on Prosperity

New York, NY – On this special holiday edition of Stuck Nation Radio, Bob Hennelly is joined by economist Richard Wolff, social justice advocate Rev. Dr. William Barber and labor historian Joe Wilson. 

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CNN Business: Who decides if the US is in a recession? Eight White economists you've never heard of

Prof Wolff is interviewed for a CNN Business article, " Who decides if the US is in a recession? Eight White economists you've never heard of", by Nicole Goodkind. 

"Wolff said he's benefited greatly from being a "poster boy" of the charmed inner circle of economists that he calls an old-boy network -— but that "someone has to be the one that says the emperor is naked.""

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Zero Hour: The Human Economy

Prof Wolff joins Zero Hour with RJ Eskow to discuss: the human economy. 

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Thom Hartmann: Economist Exposes Gold Standard Myth

Prof Wolff joins the Thom Hartmann Program to discuss: There's a lot of talk by right wingers about returning to the Gold Standard. What was the gold standard, how did it work, and why is returning to it either impossible or a bad idea?

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