Robinson's Podcast: Karl Marx and the Myths of Marxism

Professor Richard D. Wolff joins Robinson's podcast in a conversation that delves into various aspects of socialism, Marxism, and critical perspectives. They address common misconceptions about socialism, emphasizing its diverse interpretations, from social democracy to the Soviet Union and China.

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The Dr. Economy Show with Prof. Richard Wolff - Episode 234

Prof. Wolff joins the Dr. Economy Show, where he delves into the critical issues of economic inequality and the paradox of vacant homes alongside homelessness. The conversation explores the stark contrast between immense wealth and poverty and highlights the urgent need for profound economic reform. Tune in to gain valuable insights on reshaping our economic systems for a more equitable future.

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The Socialist Program: U.S. Healthcare Fails Patients But Nurses Fight Back

Professor Richard Wolff and Brian Becker discuss the historic strike of 75,000 Kaiser Permanente healthcare workers. They highlight the workers' concerns over staffing levels and pay, shedding light on issues within the capitalist healthcare system. This strike is part of a wider labor resurgence, with workers pushing back against being shortchanged. The episode emphasizes how the U.S. healthcare system differs from other capitalist countries, treating healthcare as a commercial product rather than a public good. It delves into the historical context of how the right-wing labels opposing ideas as socialist or communist and how a new generation is increasingly open to socialist ideas. Support for The Socialist Program is encouraged to provide quality news, analysis, and history for those seeking change.

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Economic Update: Corporate Greed VS Labor: The Struggle Intensifies

[ S13 E36 ] New

Updates on writers (WGA) strike, auto-workers (UAW) strike, failure of US Federal Reserve, US govt subsidizes private capitalists. Interview Pete Dolack on his new book "What Do We Need Bosses For? Toward Economic Democracy". Read More

Dialogue Works: Russia & China Sanctions: EU's Desperate Measures

Professor Wolff discusses the impact of sanctions, focusing on recent ones against Russia, and emphasizing the complexity of sanctions, their varying outcomes, and the challenges of enforcement and monitoring. Sanctions on Russia haven't achieved their goals but have unintentionally harmed the European economy by raising energy prices. These sanctions have strengthened the BRICS alliance and signaled the decline of the G7's dominance in the global economy.

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The Socialist Program: Government to Student Loan Borrowers: Time to Pay Up!

Prof. Wolff and Brian Becker discuss the resumption of student loan repayments in the United States and its broader implications for the economy and society. They analyze how the student debt crisis has evolved over time and how it reflects deeper issues within the capitalist system. Prof. Wolff emphasizes the importance of education as a public good and contrasts the US approach to higher education with that of other countries where it is considered a fundamental right. They also critique the Supreme Court's role in overturning policies aimed at student debt relief, highlighting the influence of wealthy interests. The conversation underscores the need for systemic reforms to address the burden of student debt and ensure fair access to education.

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Dangerous Ideas: Richard Wolff & Lee Camp on How to Fix The Economy!

In their discussion, Prof. Wolff and Lee Camp address the significant disparity between officially reported low unemployment rates and the fact that housing costs have become evident as unaffordable for the majority of Americans. The need for an immediate boost in wages and a reduction in housing costs is clear. They delve into the concept of workplace democracy, highlighting that corporations are undemocratic in nature and that there's a growing demand for employee empowerment and participation. Additionally, they point out the paradox of tech companies advocating internal collaboration while aggressively patenting their innovations externally, emphasizing the need for a more equitable and democratic economic system that values worker input and nurtures creativity. Their conversation revolves around the urgency for change in workplaces and raises questions about the sustainability of the current economic model.

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Dialogue Works: The UN's Dysfunction - Belt and Road Forum

Prof. Wolff joins Dialogue Works, delving into the UN's functionality and the obstacles it faces in bringing together superpowers. He highlights the concept of "uneven development" from Karl Marx, explaining how capitalism perpetuates global inequality. The impediments to international treaties and agreements stem from the conflicting interests of unequal nations. Emphasis falls the emergence of China's Belt and Road Initiative as a means for countries to assert economic autonomy and reduce dependence on Western decision-making. Lastly, the significance of this initiative, particularly in Greece, is underscored as it offers nations greater agency in shaping their economic futures.

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Dialogue Works: BRICS and the Prospect of a Novel Reserve Currency

Prof. Wolff joins Dialogue Works to discuss the evolving landscape of global reserve currencies, highlighting the historical context and how countries like China, India, Brazil, and others aim to gain recognition for their currencies worldwide as the relative dominance of the United States wanes. The conversation explores lending, international trade, and the potential emergence of a new multinational currency among the BRICS countries, all while considering the impact on global politics and ideologies.

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The KPFA Evening News – September 24, 2023

Prof. Wolff joins the KPFA Evening News program to address the impending federal government shutdown, emphasizing the necessity of raising taxes on the wealthy to tackle the growing national debt and criticizing both political parties for their reluctance to consider this solution. The discussion also covers the United Auto Workers' strike against major U.S. car manufacturers, where workers demand improved wages and retirement benefits amidst record industry profits.

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The Socialist Program: The Politics of the Government Shutdown

Prof. Wolff joins Brian Becker to discuss the looming threat of another government shutdown as the September 30th deadline for passing a federal budget approaches. They highlight the absurdity of this recurring political theater, where both Republicans and Democrats fail to address the root issue: raising taxes on corporations and the rich to solve the deficit problem.

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Economic Update: Private Profits vs Public Treasure with Eleanor Goldfield

[ S13 E35 ] New

In this week's Economic Update episode, topics include the successful unionization efforts at Starbucks stores across the U.S., challenges within the British university system, the United Auto Workers (UAW) gearing up for negotiations, and the vital importance of preserving the Redwood forests, featuring an interview with filmmaker and activist Eleanor Goldfield. These discussions shed light on workers' rights, education, labor solidarity, and environmental conservation. Read More

AI: Profit vs. Freedom

Article by Richard D. Wolff

"Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents a profit opportunity for capitalists, but it presents a crucial choice for the working class. Because the working class is the majority, that crucial choice confronts society as a whole. It is the same profit opportunity/social choice that was presented by the introduction of robotics, computers, and indeed by most technological advances throughout capitalism’s history. In capitalism, employers decide when, where, and how to install new technologies; employees do not. Employers’ decisions are driven chiefly by whether and how new technologies affect their profits."

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Project Censored: Empowerment Beyond the Strike

In this interview with Prof Wolff on the Project Censored radio show, the discussion focuses on two-tiered worker systems in various industries, the implications for both corporations and workers, and recent strikes and labor union tactics. The conversation also touches on the potential for worker cooperatives to empower employees and reshape workplace dynamics.

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The David Lin Report: The Great Capitalism Vs. Socialism Debate - Arthur Laffer & Richard Wolff

Prof Wolff debates Arthur Laffer on the David Lin Report in a discussion comparing capitalism and socialism in the context of the U.S. economy. They explore topics such as economic performance, income inequality, taxation, and government intervention. Wolff emphasizes the need to question the organization of workplaces, while Laffer advocates for low taxes, sound money, and free trade as solutions to economic challenges. The debate centers on the role of government and the effectiveness of different economic systems.

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The Backstory: Auto Worker Strike and the Fight for Fair Wages

Prof Wolff joins The Backstory in a discussion about the ongoing auto worker strike, highlighting income inequality, economic crashes, and rising inflation as key concerns. Workers are demanding cost-of-living pay raises, reflecting a broader movement for change in the capitalist system.

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The Socialist Program: Inflation and the Next Crash

Prof. Wolff and Brian Becker discuss the criminal inaction of the White House and Congress against inflation and the rising costs of basic goods we need to live.


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Dialogue Works: Obsolete Notions of Capitalism and Socialism

Prof. Wolff joins Dialogue Works to discuss the evolving concept of socialism in the 21st century, emphasizing the shift away from traditional definitions. Instead, the focus is on transforming workplaces into democratic communities, where every worker has an equal say in decision-making. This vision of socialism, centered on workplace democracy, is gaining traction as the defining aspect of socialism in the future, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

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Dialogue Works: China's Hybrid Economic System and Its Achievements

Prof. Wolff joins Dialogue Works to delve into the intricacies of China's economic evolution, delving into the multifaceted nature of China's socialist-inspired, market-driven economic model. Examining its historical roots, unique blend of state intervention and private enterprise, and its global impact, Prof. Wolff provides valuable insights into the dynamics shaping the future of socialism and the complex backdrop of China-U.S. relations in a rapidly changing world.

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Zero Hour: A Radical Rethink of the Housing Crisis

Prof Wolff joins Zero Hour with RJ Eskow to discuss the ongoing housing crisis in the United States, shedding light on the systemic issues plaguing the housing market and advocating for a government-led approach to address the issue.

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Dialogue Works: The G20 Summit Dominated by the Presence of an Absence

Joining Dialogue Works, Prof Wolff delves into the G20 Summit's outcomes and missed opportunities, as well as the absence of the leaders of Russia and China.

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The Socialist Program: STRIKE! Autoworkers Are Ready!

Prof Wolff and Brian Becker engage in a discussion about the impending possibility of a massive strike. The contract for approximately 150,000 United Auto Workers (UAW) members is scheduled to expire this Thursday, and the union members are steadfastly demanding fair compensation and protection against mass layoffs. However, the Big Three auto giants – Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis – have yet to reach an agreement with the UAW, intensifying concerns about a potential labor action.

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Economic Update: Profit & Inequality: Two Driving Forces of Capitalism

[ S13 E34 ] New

Updates on economists favoring rent control, leading global capitalists resent/resist US's China-bashing, urgent drug shortages in US and a public pharma industry. Major discussion of causes of rising US economic inequality since 1960s and its socially explosive political effects. Read More

Dialogue Works: The US Economic War on China and BRICS

Prof Wolff and Dialogue Works discuss the ongoing economic conflict between the United States and China, offering valuable insights into the global implications, China's unique economic system, and the need for fresh approaches in today's evolving world.

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The KPFA Evening News – August 27, 2023

Prof Wolff joins the KPFA Evening News to weigh in on federal reserve chairman Jerome Powell's speech at Jackson Hole.

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