The Socialist Program: U.S. steps up high-tech economic war with China

Walter Smolarek and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss how demonization of China has gone into overdrive as the country chooses its new leadership, and how a key component of this has been increasingly strident advocacy for so-called “economic decoupling” from China. And in fact, just ahead of China’s Communist Party congress, the U.S. government unveiled a harsh blow to a critical sector of trade.

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Rising Up With Sonali: Why Trussonomics Failed

On Pacifica KPFK/KPFA's Rising Up With Sonali, Prof Wolff joins to discuss the reasons behind the resignation of British Prime Minister Liz Truss after a mere 45 days in office. 

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Thom Hartmann: Could Russia Destroy US Economy?

On the Thom Hartmann program: Enjoy the low gas prices, low rent and low grocery costs while you can. If BRIC countries, Brazil, Russia, India and China join forces to take down the US dollar they might be able to take down the entire US economy.

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Economic Update: Means TV - An Anti-Capitalist Netflix

[S12 E41] New

In this week's show, Prof. Wolff discusses global capitalism's "perfect storm" (inflation + rising interest rates + reduced production = "stagflation"); 1000 SFO food workers strike and win; FedEx reinforces "stagflation" predictions, and hurricane Ian confirms system's failures to plan for predictable disasters to lessen their costs and impacts. In the second half of the show, Wolff interviews Nick Hayes of Means TV...READ MORE

Mexie: Inflation, Imperialism & Worker Resistance

On with Mexie, Prof Wolff discusses inflation, imperialism, worker resistance and more. 

Read more Could Housing Crash the Global Economy? | Richard Wolff vs. David Woo

Could housing crash the global economy? Prof Wolff discusses with former Wall Street strategist David Woo. 

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Organize Amazon MQY1: Amazon Unionization Drive in Mt. Julien TN

Professor Wolff speaks with those involved in the union drive at the Amazon facility MQY1, located in Mt. Juliet, TN. 

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Economic Update: The Economics of Colonialism Part 2 - The Neo-colonialism Variation

[S12 E40] New

In this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents a brief summary of last week's Part 1 as basis for analyzing how WW2 provoked the political independence struggles that changed colonialism into neo-colonialism; how and why political independence is not, by itself, a break from colonialism; why neocolonialism lasts into the present and positions a rich minority of each former colony as the ally, collaborator, and agent of continued entrapment of...READ MORE

India & Global Left: A Left take on the US economy, and war in Ukraine

Prof Wolff joins the show India & Global Left to discuss 'why Marxism?', the US Fed interest rate hike, the US labor movement, the war in Ukraine and more. 

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Thom Hartmann: Does CPI Expose How The Rich Profit Off Inflation While You Get Poorer

On the Thom Hartmann program: Are the rich getting richer from causing inflation while most Americans get poorer? Grocery prices are rising, rent, fuel cost and soon inflation will get so bad you many Americans will stop getting loans for cars, loans for college and stop spending much money at all. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is due this week and the Producer Price Index (PPI) has just been published. These both seem very dull, but the way they affect you can be dramatic. It’s called inflation. The effect on your pension fund could mean that wages are reduced, meaning you may have less to live on in your old age. Say goodbye to retirement. How important it is to keep a watch on the CPI and PPI? Why are employers shifting the blame to wages?

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The Socialist Program: Bankers & The Fed Push the Economy Toward a Recession—But It's Workers Who Will Feel the Pain

Brian Becker and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss the International Monetary Fund predicting a worse economy in 2023 and the illuminating comments from CEO Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase, the largest US investment bank. Bankers like Dimon and The Fed (made up of majority bankers) are pushing the economy toward the brink, despite the crisis this will cause for workers and families nationwide.

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Economic Update: The Economics of Colonialism Part 1 - The British Empire

[S12 E39] New

This week's show focuses on an analysis of capitalist colonialism that begins with the passing of Queen Elizabeth as a monument to the passing of the British Empire itself. Wolff discusses the differences between pre-capitalist and capitalist colonialism, the goals of capitalist colonialism, the development of...READ MORE

The Socialist Program: Hurricane Ian exposes inhumanity of U.S. capitalism's disaster response

On the Socialist Program: Walter Smolarek and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss how Hurricane Ian has caused historic devastation throughout Florida, leaving over 100 dead and destroying homes and critical infrastructure. All of the extreme inequalities of the capitalist system are on display in the wake of this massive disaster.

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Zero Hour: De-Growth and Human Survival

On Zero Hour with RJ Eskow, Prof Wolff joins to discuss de-growth and human survival. 

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On The Barricades: The economics of the war and the crisis ahead

Prof Wolff goes On the Barricades with hosts Maria Cernat and Boyan Stanislavski to discuss the historical moment and period to come. The conversation covers the supposed logic of the failed sanctions against Russia, the decline of American global hegemony, worker co-ops and democratizing the workplace, pushing back on the media narrative about what inflation is, and more. 

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Economic Update: Insecure Housing is a Social Crime

[S12 E38] New

In this week's show, Prof. Wolff talks about the large strikes in Seattle (teachers) and Minnesota (nurses), the significance of Sweden's big vote for ex-Nazi party, and how anti-Russia sanctions cause US electricity prices to rise at twice the inflation rate. In the second half, Wolff interviews Leilani Farha...READ MORE

Thom Hartmann: Has PM Liz Truss Wrecked the UK Economy?

Prof Wolff joins the Thom Hartmann program to discuss: Is British prime minister Liz Truss trashing the economy of her country? A tax cut for the rich and little for the poor. The pound sterling has crashed against the dollar and the euro.

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WORT 89.9 FM: Economic Updates

Prof Wolff joins the public affairs program at WORT 89.9 FM in Madison, Wisconsin with host Esty Dinur for a discussion of ongoing crises of the day—including hurricane season, inflation and world economics, the war in Ukraine, and American hostilities toward China—and why there’s no shame in being a socialist.

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The Long Way Around on Radio Kingston: Marxism For Dummies

“The Long Way Around,” at Radio Kingston, WKNY 1490 AM and 107.9 FM in Kingston, New York, has Prof Wolff on to talk Marxism for Dummies. 

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Economic Update: The Harm Done by Economists

[S12 E37] New

This week on Economic Update, Prof. Wolff talks about the unionization drive among minor league professional baseball players, high poverty rates among US families working full-time year round, and the economics of discrimination against pregnant women. In the second half of the show, Wolff interviews Prof. George DeMartino...READ MORE

ABC News: Fed rate hikes haven't curbed inflation much. These policies would work instead, economists say

Prof Wolff in the ABC News article "Fed rate hikes haven't curbed inflation much. These policies would work, economists say" by Max Zahn. 

"It's a big fat mess," said Wolff. "There should've been a debate before launching into interest rates. There should've been a discussion between political leaders and the public."

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Thom Hartmann: Does The Rise of China's Economy Mean US Economy Falls?

Prof Wolff joins the Thom Hartmann program to discuss: China and the US have adopted different types of capitalism. The world is a place where empires have risen, and those empires have fallen.

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Fault Lines: All Things Economics

On Radio Sputnik's Fault Lines: Manila and Jamarl were joined by Professor Richard Wolff to discuss all things economics, inflation, and how the US economy is destined for a crash.

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The Socialist Program: Inflation Crisis & the March Towards Recession

Brian Becker and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss how fears of an all-out economic crisis are deepening as FedEx announces that it expects a global recession based on a sharp decline in world shipping activity, and a higher-than expected inflation report deepens the federal reserve’s determination to raise interest rates. The capitalist class remains determined to drive the economy off a cliff to eviscerate workers’ living standards and bargaining power.

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Economic Update: Rising Labor, Faltering System

[S12 E36] New

This week on Economic Update, Prof. Wolff talks about the prospects for a labor-union-worker co-op alliance; megacorp stock buybacks; why and how US/UK sanctions on Russia failed so far; the financial abuse of US retirees; and lastly...READ MORE