Why We Need to Democratize Wealth—The U.S. Capitalist Model Breeds Selfishness and Resentment

To avoid divisive social conflict over redistribution, the solution is not to distribute unequally in the first place. That can remove the cause and impetus for redistributive struggles and thus the need for endless and so far fruitless efforts to find the “right” redistribution formula or mechanism. The way forward is to democratize the decision about distributing wealth as it emerges from production.

Article by Richard D. Wolff

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The Socialist Program: The Dictatorship of the Banks

Prof. Wolff joins Brian Becker on The Socialist Program to continue a series of discussions about the basics of Marxism — a method for understanding and changing the world used by many of the great revolutionaries of modern history. Today, they discuss the role of finance and the big banks. Why does Wall Street reign supreme in the capitalist system?

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Thom Hartmann: The Economy Is In Trouble: Savers vs Spenders

Our country is in trouble and it's about a fundamental problem we have as a nation — Inequality. A consumer economy simply can't function when the consumers are too poor to consume and the wealthy refuse. Richard Wolff joined Thom Hartmann to discuss spenders and savers, be they rich or poor. And it all comes down to taxation and the rich. Surprised?

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United Shades of America w. Kamau Bell: The US economy is broken

Few things say "The United States economy is broken" more than the idea that while we're in a global pandemic -- with nearly 600,000 Americans dead, almost 10 million jobs lost, and the population of unhoused people higher for the fourth year in a row -- there's at least one billionaire somewhere going, "2020 was a great year!"
In the episode of United Shades of America w. Kamau Bell on CNN, Bell takes a Zoom class with Professor Richard Wolff, a Marxian economist who shared how the leaders of the country thought about wealth back in the day. "In both World Wars I and II, the United States' President and Congress passed what was called an excess profits tax. And here's what it said: If, during a war, when we're asking young men and women to risk their lives, their health, their bodies to fight for this country, it is unconscionable that others who are not risking make money off this war."

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Economic Update: Labor & Capitalism's Rise & Fall

[S11 E20] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff discusses Congress Bills H.R.51 giving statehood to Washington, DC, and H.R.1 countering GOP efforts to restrict voting; and Biden's...READ MORE

Act.TV: The Housing Crisis: In Capitalism, We Are All On Our Own

Professor Richard Wolff joins Julianna Forlano to discuss the housing crisis and the conversation, as so often happens when curious and intelligent people get together, goes all over the map! They touch on vaccines, international relations, lost wars and wound up at the military industrial complex.

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The Serfs: You Don't NEED MARX in order to CRITIQUE Markets!

Richard Wolff joins Lance on The Serfs to talk about the recent date with Destiny, and more. 

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The Zero Hour: Militarism and the Capitalist Mind

Prof. Wolff joins RJ Eskow on The Zero Hour to discuss militarism and capitalism

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The Socialist Program: Karl Marx's Theory of Exploitation

Brian Becker and Prof. Wolff continue a series of discussions about the basics of Marxism — a method for understanding and changing the world used by many of the great revolutionaries of modern history. Today, they discuss the theory of surplus value. Why do Marxists believe that anyone who works for a wage is being stolen from by their boss?


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Thom Hartmann: The Weak Dollar's Impact On You

What does a weak or strong dollar mean to you? What do those terms mean, and how do these policy differences affect average people? Thom Hartmann & Professor Wolff talk about wage inflation, worker insecurity and rising prices in the context of a weak dollar. The dollar is weak under Biden while Trump professed the the dollar was strong? Why? Professor Richard Wolff joined Thom to take exchange rates, plus buying and selling dollars.

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Boom Bust: US May Drop Nord Stream 2 Sanctions

The Biden administration has now declined to place sanctions on the highly-controversial Nord Stream 2 Pipeline project that is set to deliver natural gas from Russia to Germany. Professor Richard Wolff, host of "Economic Update," gives his analysis on the latest decision from the United States and what impact it could have on geopolitical relations.

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Economic Update: Valuing Work by Women of Color

[S11 E19] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff discusses Bernie Madoff's $ 82 billion swindles and capitalism's incentives for swindling, the economics of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...READ MORE

The Socialist Program: Marx & Lenin on Monopoly Capitalism

Brian Becker and Prof. Wolff begin a series of discussions about the basics of Marxism — a method for understanding and changing the world used by many of the great revolutionaries of modern history. Today, they discuss what a monopoly is, and how there is a natural tendency to monopoly under capitalism.


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The World According to Jesse: The U.S. economy

Professor Richard Wolff joins Jesse Ventura to talk about the state of the U.S. economy one year after the pandemic began.

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Thom Hartmann: The GOP's Extraordinarily Economic Dark Plot

The GOP wants to sabotage the economy to turn the people against President Biden, and the way they want to do it will make you sick! No matter how hard Rand Paul and his Republican colleagues try, enough of us are vaccinated now that they won’t get America back to those kinds of terrible numbers. But they apparently think they can get the numbers to stay high enough that the economy will remain in crisis and Republicans can use it as a wedge issue to win back the presidency. Professor Richard Wolff joined Thom to shed some light on the GOP's dark plan, and the relationship between the economy and politics.

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The Hill Rising: Jobs Report Is Sign Of Economy IN TROUBLE

Professor of economics, Richard Wolff joins Saagar Enjeti & Krystal Ball on The Hill's Rising to discuss the latest jobs numbers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the U.S. economy added 266,000 jobs last month.

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News Views Hughes: Paid to Stay Home?

Prof. Richard Wolff joins News Views Hughes to address the debate over whether stimulus payments and extended unemployment benefits dis-incentivize full-time employment.

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The Vanguard - Interview with Professor Richard Wolff

Zac & Gavin of The Vanguard Podcast are joined in conversation by the great socialist economist Richard D. Wolff, Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst for a wide ranging conversation.

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Economic Update: Capitalism vs. Democracy

[S11 E18] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents an analysis of how and why capitalism is an undemocratic economic system...READ MORE

Thom Hartmann: Biden vs The Gig Economy?

Biden takes on the Gig Economy. Was it all a ruse to exploit workers? Richard Wolff breaks down the lies of the "sharing" economy and offers solutions that can give workers their rights back.

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Homebrewed Christianity: Richard Wolff - Why Marx? Why Now?

Richard Wolff joins Tripp Fuller on Homebrewed Christianity to discuss Marxism and more. 

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The Socialist Program: When "Intellectual Property" Kills the Sick and Poor

Brian Becker and Prof. Wolff discuss the deadly consequences of the U.S. government's stubborn refusal so far to waive patents preventing developing countries from producing their own Coronavirus vaccines -- all to protect the profits of the big pharmaceutical corporations.

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The Takeover with Justin Jackson: A Conversation With Richard Wolff

Richard Wolff joins The Takeover with Justin Jackson to discuss the current state of capitalism at large, his take on the current US economy, and the rise of China as an economic powerhouse.

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Boom Bust: Pfizer COVID Vaccine Profits in the Billions

Prof Wolff discusses why drugmakers in the United States have been quick to come out against requests for an emergency COVID vaccine waiver to help struggling countries.

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Jacobin Weekends: Celebrating May Day

Professor Richard Wolff joins Ana Kasparian and Nando Vila on Jacobin Weekends to talk about the historic significance of May Day and rebuilding the trade union movement.

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