What are the must read Marxist critiques and defenses of cooperative economics?

I know Luxembourg and others critiqued the possibilities of cooperatives in a global capitalist market. Srnicek takes this as a given in his "Platform Capitalism." Who has answered these theoretical challenges best?

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  • Adrien Folly
    commented 2017-09-27 05:00:36 -0400

    I think this is an interesting topic. Not necessarily in the limited scope of “marxism”, but really in overall.

    It’s hard to anticipate the effects that a transformation of private tyrannies towards cooperatives would have on a capitalist system.

    My guess would be that, since the people who work in it are part of the (local, regional, global) community, decision would be directed in such way that it would be more focused on the community than personal gain. Therefore, the mere capitalist system would in a way fade out and be directed towards “something else”.

    But again, this is only my intuition (and indeed my hope); though I think there are good reasons to believe so.

    Kind regards,

    Adrien Folly
  • Tyler Champine
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2017-09-24 17:10:36 -0400