Can you please heavily cover the hidden systemic fentanyl-murders from the US Death System?

A few years ago my mom was murdered by the US Death System ultimately by a doctor/nurse-prescribed "low-dose" fentanyl patch with no antidote that has been used to murder many seniors and others before and since. State-sponsored murder all around--Dept of Public Health, FDA, Medical Board, Nursing Boards, Dept of Health and Human Services, pharmacies, AMA, and on. Here are related fentanyl-murder stories including the Vancouver Sun's that I came across from the many fentanyl-murder pages and groups online: The Unseen: "The program does not apply to patients in hospice or palliative care"--"respiratory failure" = State-sponsored Fentanyl-Murder All Around Every Day": The police wouldn't even investigate this most heinous murder since it occurred more than two years before I contacted them.

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  • Justice Vi
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2017-09-22 09:31:57 -0400