Re: "Economic Update" today (7/28/17) on KPFA/KFCF

I would have liked to hear your discussion on sanctions include information on the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the sanctions against apartheid South Africa in the 80s and early 90s, and the current BDS movement against Israel's occupation of Palestine. Also, it iwould have been interesting to hear your comments not only on the skewed teaching of economics in our universities but also on some of what I've been reading in Evonomics about the lack of any track record or likelihood in the future success of libertarian economic models. In addition, while not directly about economics, I would like to hear your comments on the attack on academic freedom regarding Palestinian/Middleeast issuesin several universities, including most recently the protest resignation and circulating letter of emeritus dean Vida Samian at Fresno State (CA.) Thank you.

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    Ask Prof. Wolff: Re: "Economic Update" today (7/28/17) on KPFA/KFCF
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