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Unfortunately, because I love this show, commentary about AA was seriously flawed. "Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety." This is why the AA program has succeeded for the decades it has existed. Also what is called "13th stepping" in AA is not a term you want to use on your radio program ever again for any reason. Very derogatory. Every group should (and do) pay rent. AA declines outside contributions from anyone/anything as it would interfere with the primary purpose. The reason it is successful is because it is focused on helping people that need help. If those people go on to do something that helps society, that's fantastic. AA should never be derailed from its primary purpose as it would harm the program and ruin so many lives. The Traditions associated with the AA program where established through trial and error because many people had similar thoughts to yours in the early days. That's why they need to be followed strictly. I love this show and this was really disheartening commentary.

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I am grateful that you appreciate the show. I am not clear on your criticism, however. The point Dr Fraad sought to make was not in any way to challenge the focus of AA and other AA-type programs on sobriety. It was rather, first, to appreciate that and its relative success versus other efforts to deal with the addiction problems of modern capitalism. Only secondarily did Dr Fraad seek to offer an additional way that AA and AA-type programs could help achieve sobriety: namely by including social changes that could also help to achieve that same goal. I regret that this point of hers somehow disheartened you.

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