Why....can't we say no?

Why must we keep expanding into foreign markets/increasing export production (increasing scale of production, increasing debt financial and ecological)? Why is it that if a new market is identified (e.g. cherries in China) that production must expand or be developed to serve that market? Regardless of environmental capacity, that is to say water availability, soil fertility, biodiversity and the engineering of the environment for export production displacing and denaturing the given area. Australia is fed this good news story again and again... yet corporations win out in these deals mine our environmental values & cream financial support from the govt. and sue for compensation for loss of profits meanwhile restructuring our workforce/wages from a position of power, privatising land (impounding land). Are Ag markets really so precarious that we must fulfill all requests? Proposition: Who is the farmer today? I'm asking this from an Agriculture/primary industry position taking into consideration the environmental metrics (P,C,NO2 etc land degradation and water aka the anthroposcene)... Food sustains a population (think Carolyn Steel's Hungry City, and the work of Raj Patel and Michael Pollan amongst others) but I believe the Ag industry (primary production) is being mismanaged. New markets increase the value of the land or farming operation and now succession means local to global instead of one generation in the family to another... What can't we say No?

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  • Kirsten Norvilas
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2017-06-16 02:55:24 -0400