Transforming political dialogue

I was just invited via a phone call to take part in a one-hour discussion with Senator Bernie Sanders. 15000 people apparently dialed-in from in and around the country to listen and ask questions. I wish that I had been chosen to ask a question because the first thing I wanted to ask was how do we transform the political dialogue in this country so that we can actually talk about the true source of all of the issues on the table as far as politics are concerned, that being the issues relating to capitalism. Everyone wanted to call in and ask about a different topic, Healthcare, the judicial system, Trump, the health-care bill. No one asked specifically about what was causing all of these ills or questioned whether the system under which we all live could be causing them. There was vague talk about all Americans coming together and fighting the rich upper class and the Republicans and the Koch brothers but again the system was never questioned. Dr. Wolf after listening to your lectures and televised appearances for over a month now I think this is ongoing proof that the politicians are also responsible for keeping us separated as far as understanding what is causing the pain under which we suffer. How do we change this? Who will be the one to change it? Even Bernie Sanders didn't seem to want to come near that topic. The closest I heard him mention was that we need to transform politics and remove the influence of big money. But that still wasn't close enough for me. I would like to hear your thoughts on this sir. Thank you.

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    Ask Prof. Wolff: Transforming political dialogue
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