The "march toward socialism." "Repealing Obamacare 'is about stopping a march towards socialism,' Republican Senator Lindsey Graham recently said. Meanwhile, in other parts of the developed world, socialism is not something that sends people running for the hills. Most industrialized countries, for example, have implemented universal health care. Moreover, Norway was recently ranked the happiest country in the world, and it pointed to its strong state-support programs as crucial to achieving this accolade. Apparently, people like to know those around them have their back if times get tough." Well, if "socialism is still a dirty word, with just 35 percent of Americans viewing the system positively, compared with 60 percent who view capitalism favorably, according to a May 2016 Gallup poll," why is the President worried about a "march towards socialism? Sounds like he can see the writing on the wall, and fears losing his grip on his bank account, and his profits.

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  • Donald Bellunduno
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2017-09-21 21:27:20 -0400