On the cure for capitalism.

Dr. Wolff, first of all I applaud your effort to get the truth out about where capitalism has been, and what is has also done in the last 50 years (essentially socially strip mining and exploiting the labor markets over periods of decades in Europe, N. America, and Japan, to increase the wealth of the few, who hold sway over said capitalist systems) so as to inform the public, especially in those places that are rapidly watching their States and their economies tank, due to companies fleeing to more rapidly developing capitalist parts of the world. That this is a depressing fact, doesn't need to be said, but, the solution seems to be a democratization of the work place throughout the old capitalist centers of the West, which makes sense. However, and you mentioned in your May economic update (which I saw on YouTube) that all of this perilous history we're living through will eventually lead up to another "spark" which will most likely not be as gentle or kind as "Occupy" or "Bernie Sanders." My question is, do you have a match? How do we get this to happen sooner rather than later? What I see is a land filled with zombies, who only know THIS SYSTEM, and will die believing it works, to their very last...breathe. Or, that this is all there is, so we just have to...make due. I don't even think they know how to define what they think, or feel it's just all they know. It's like asking yourself, can a politician ever consistently not rely on subterfuge to make a living? Because, although there are some who can, there aren't many. Because again, they only know how to navigate *this* system. It would seem that, education, by people like yourself to those who are willing to listen, would be a first crucial step. Are there any other steps you'd recommend? Because I will help in any way I can. Thank you. Donald Bellunduno

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The "step" that is needed is for those who can and do listen and learn must in turn be teachers. Remember that the same world you inhabit is the one "they" do and that if you offer a different interpretation from what they get from TV, radio, teachers, clerics, etc. it will affect them. Perhaps not the first few times, but if you and others persevere, you will find sympathies as a declining capitalism provokes people to wonder, to question, to challenge, and then to listen and think in ways they dared not do before.

That has been my experience for the last 8 years; I think it can and will be yours as well.

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