Discussing worker-co-ops, and how the system can be changed for the benefit of all.

First of all, I saw the recent spate of interviews you did with Stuart "ass" Varney on FOXX, and I congratulate you for not popping that pretentious twit in the mouth for referring to you or anyone with a Marxist message as a "pinko-communist-bed-wetter." Although I would love to ascribe his behavior to that of the masses who still do not "trust" socialism, because of its Lenin-associations with that term, and because of America's seeming black-out history of not discussing the subject for the last 70 years or so, however he seemed to want to egg you on to make you over-react. He also didn't seem to really LISTEN to a thing you said, about restructuring the economy, so that it could benefit all, instead of just the chosen cash-over-loaded...few. Again, is that just a historic response to the topic at hand? Stuart Varney in particular? Or, Foxx news' heads telling him to try to discredit you at every turn, so you don't get, you know, too wide an audience to spread your nasty ideas about socialism and Marxism? In any case, I think it's great you got the exposure, and went on the show so you could reach quite possibly, the largest group of Capitalists, and entrenched thinkers the country has to offer. Now, to my question, do you think it did any good? Are you getting the sense that people are listening to you, and getting the message? Varney has had you on now, what? 3x in the last month? Someone apparently wants to hear what you have to say, sarcasm and biting commentary, not withstanding.

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  • Donald Bellunduno
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