BC Green Co-Ops?

From the BC Green Party Policy Book: "16. Review existing programs to ensure they are effectively supporting innovation, and new business models in the emerging economy. 17. Establish an Innovation Commission to support innovation and business development in the technology sector, and appoint an Innovation Commissioner with a mandate to be an advocate and ambassador on behalf of the BC technology sector in Ottawa and abroad." Can Prof advise on natural resource based co-ops?

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The debate over using and building worker coops as a basis for economic development, innovation, and "green" growth remains academic so long as governments in capitalist countries provide endless tax breaks, subsidies and myriad other tangible supports to enterprises organized along capitalist lines while withholding same from new and existing worker coops. Only after the latter are an established, significant segment of any nation's economy will the people be able comparatively to evaluate the two alternative kinds of enterprise organization to determine what mix of them is best suited to meet the objectives of economic development today.

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