There is a big left wing reason for Brexit, did you know this?

Here in Norway the No-camp against the EU is comprised of mainly leftists, the most radical opponents of membership is SV and Rødt, which is the former communist party. The reason for this is the ever more intrusive legislation coming from Brussels to impose neo-liberalism on us. Many of theese legislations are camoflaged to be protecting workers or protecting environment, but when Union lawyers go through them the so-called protections are more laxed then our existing legislation. And Brussels law supercedes national law. Unions here in norway and the rest of the EU are fed up with the corruption in Brussels, the EU commision has almost all the power yet the members are not elected by the people. The open borders policy of the Shengen agreement is deeply problematic as it leads employers to hire cheaper eastern european people from Romania, Poland and the baltic states. Often theese people are leased through several intermediaries and there has been several reports of workers with more than one work contract. One that is legal in Norway and one that they actually work under. They are also difficult to recruit into unions as they are only temporary, and are thus expendable. All of this is destroying unions, good paying jobs and the thee-part coopertation. (Workers unions, Employers unions and government. This is only a few of the reasons the left in Norway want OUT of the EEC and prevent full membership of the union

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  • Knut Randa
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2017-04-18 03:26:01 -0400