Regarding your comment on Creative Destruction of Self Driving Cars on 04/13/2017

Dear Professor Wolff, Your suggestion is that self-driving-cars will destroy the economy of truck drivers and professional drivers (about 1.5% of US population); however; the numbers are much greater than that: The computer will reduce the rate of accidents drastically and not only professional drivers will be greeters at Walmart and Starbucks; but ambulance chaser lawyers, their secretaries, their chiropractors, their MRIs consultations will also dwindle to a halt. So... the number of Creative Destruction of computerized vehicles are much greater than you originally spoke. In fact; in my 2014 book "Repursury: How Slavery Evolved into Usury Through Repurchase;" I started the book predicting truck drivers finding the same end as elevator conductors. (I am a fan of your body of work; best wishes. B.Sandy) or

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  • Christopher Kavanaugh
    commented 2017-04-15 23:32:41 -0400
    One of my pastimes is carriage driving. A major problem of urban centers was the massive manure produced by draft animals. All those lovely old trees being removed from cities, the fountains and many now converted urban barns supported what was, until the infernal combustion engine humanity’s mode of transport and mechanized warfare.
    We no longer worry much about draft horse manure. We also make quips about dead industries like buggy whip making. But a curious thing happened in WW2 Great Britain.
    As motorcars were laid up on blocks in old barns converted to garages countless horse drawn vehicles and tack were rediscovered. In much of rural UK they became again a vital means of transport. Postwar the carriages that would have gone the way of big finned Cadillacs became valuable for showing and competitions ( Prince Phillip a keen driver) and
    endangered horsebreeds kept viable. Oh, and most ironic; buggywhip making is now an artform with some examples of exotic wood and fine braiding costing 4 figures.
    You take no small delight in onerous truck drivers, lawyers and chiropractors losing their careers. I don’t know how many book authors AMAZON has destroyed because their tomes didn’t sell. I do know HIGHWAYMEN from feudal Europe to the car bandits of the Great Depression may yet again be reborn as out of work truckers hijack a Windows 10 big rig unless we also have robocops ( Windows 95.) Maybe, I’ll just drive my horses and that out of work lawyer can ride shotgun with a 12 guage. Our Luddite approach no doubt so foreign
    we will make out like, well bandits.
  • Bayardo Sandy
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2017-04-14 16:38:11 -0400