Can you please explain the expected shortcomings of cooperatives, and the Resource Based Economy?

Dear Dr Wolff, can you please make an episode with your opinions on what kind of problems will continue to exist after the cooperatives are formed, and workplaces are socialized? Of course this will solve many serious problems such as inequality, and reduce the environmental pollution. However, there will be still a profit motive present (for example the workers will not decide to support the hungry in other countries or even in their country). Surely they may not care about their products in other countries (non-recyclable etc.). Also the automation will reduce the jobs, and workers may vote against the automation, which is not good because it prevents the improvement of humanity. I think these are serious issues to be discussed also. So I think although the ideas you present is definitely an improvement, it is not the best we can do. If you heard, there is something called a Resource Based Economy. Which, decisions are made based on scientific principles, and not on the worker's or other's subjective opinions. It proposes the automation of basic needs, and a value change in the society. It means people will share the resources equally, and what it is produced and how it is produced will be decided scientifically, based on experiments etc when a demand arises. It is based on function, not the product. The people will not demand cars, but they will demand going from point A to point B, and how it is done will be decided based on science (Do we have the resources (left after supplying the more basic needs), which method should we use, which materials are the most efficient in doing this job, which design is the most environmentally friendly, etc). And people who are interested in solving the problem will gather and work (maybe internet based via Skype etc.) as they work in a scientific project together. As engineers design an airplane don't ask the passengers how many wings the airplane should have, instead they design it based on experiments and science. And people who don't like the outcome from the project would suggest his/her own ideas based on Automation as much as possible, and free and high quality education, sharing of the information, well being of everyone and the environment are the priorities. It is basically engineering applied to society. No money, no politics, no banks, no military, no police. I would like to hear your opinions about the Resource Based Economy, and also what kind of shortcomings do you see in cooperatives and also in RBE. Thank you :)

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