Dear Prof. Wolff, This is not a question but links to another example of Coop.

As most of your listeners, we know you like real examples. It is a French ice -cream company which was bough by English investors a few years ago. They quickly divested themselves out of it and its workers. About 20 (or so) laid-off workers decided to Go Coop, rather than give-up. 2 or 3 years later, they are thriving. (The Coop was on the French news on TV5 a few days ago). Old company name: Pilpa (Carcassonne). New name : La belle Aude. Company Web site: One of the past articles on it:,851069.php>

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Perhaps you could send the article itself (meme en francais) since going to the website you indicated I could not find the article to read.

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