What do You think about the "Justice Democrats"?

Dear prof. Wolff, what are your thoughts on Justice Democrats? Could You speak about it on your monthly Democracy at Work talk? Leaving some links for your information. - Edwin. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justice_Democrats https://justicedemocrats.com/ https://www.quora.com/What-are-your-thoughts-on-the-Justice-Democrats/answer/Ed-Winn-4?srid=uGDib

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Long overdue, positive reconstruction of a much more genuine (than centrist Democratic Party of Clintons-Obama, etc.) opposition movement to what the Republican Party has become under the pressures of the Tea Party and now of the Trump phenomenon. My only concern is a hesitancy I detect to confront more than the list of ills they identify and for which they offer positive alternatives/solutions. By more I mean simply the capitalist system that underlies, supports, and sustains so many items on their list of social ills. The Cold War being mostly behind us and given the economic crisis of US and global capitalism as a system since 2007, millions are open to and interested in systemic criticisms and system alternatives. Thats why we in DemocracyatWork focus on the transition of enterprises' organization from hierarchical capitalist to democratic worker cooperative...as part of a democratization of the economy needed, in our view, to achieve and sustain precisely the sorts of social changes Justice Democrats favor.

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