Why are you of the few who recognize these issues?

I do not understand why it is that you are of the few who recognize these issues and offer socialism as an answer. I have been listening to you for years now, and much more often since I have become a college student. It cannot be that all of the other economists are corporatists or capitalists; why is it that you are the most popular of marxian economists?

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After 1945, the US entered into a Cold War that was waged overwhelmingly by an ideological kind of battle. Any criticism of capitalism was portrayed as treason. Students could not find teachers willing to teach Marx's ideas or other critical traditions. Over time, knowledge of critical economic theories simply vanished within the general population and among academics, journalists, and politicians. Until 2008, as capitalism seemed to be healthy and growing, this cultivated ignorance bothered only a very few people. But since 2008, as capitalism's failings and injustices strike more and more people's lives, an interest in critical approaches revives. For particular reasons, I found graduate school in economics to be a time when the arguments for the superiority of capitalism struck me as seriously inadequate. Once launched in that direction, I followed my interests, encountered and read critical theories and theorists, and so arrived at a critical perspective. The 2008 crash brought me then the audience I had unknowingly been preparing to address for most of my life before that.

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