A Progressive, Veto-Proof Congress in 2018?

Dr. Wolff, I think we are in terrible trouble unless Trump sees a large, cohesive opposition group rise up soon and help to elect a Veto-Proof Congress. The Democratic Party seems like a clueless, corrupt bunch. A relative of mine lives in affluent Newport Beach, California and last week a large, spontaneous meeting took place in my relative's home, with people expressing outrage and a desire to do something concrete about the threat we face. What about a national umbrella group composed of and representing people who meet like this and who are focused on a small number of gun versus butter issues that affect huge numbers of people, like Social Security, defense spending, and progressive taxation? Such a group could coordinate nationally over the Internet and by phone, and its membership figures could show politicians that large numbers of people are of like mind. Call it "The House Party."

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Many such initiatives are being taken by all sorts of people these days. Time will tell which get support. For me what is key, however, is whether a program for basic change will emerge to galvanize people and focus their energies. Without that, people will wonder whether another massive effort is worthwhile when even if it succeeds against Trump will then face how many more Trumps emerging from the same system in which inequality breeds the billionaires who must buy/corrupt the govt to protect their billions and then the whole sad story of the last few years would repeat itself. Only if that problem is addressed will the sustained effort of oppositional people be tapped and the long sought progress be achieved.

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