What is the best historical record that describes FDR's dialogue with 1930s financial elites?

Dr. Wolff, You often speak of the conversation, or dialogue, that FDR had with the financial elites of his time, especially regarding the taxation necessary to pay for New Deal programs. Approximately 1/2 of the elites agreed and gave him the needed support to pass a number of New Deal programs to rescue middle class and working people from poverty. The other 1/2 of the elites, as you have said, always disagreed, and we see their descendents today in the form of the very anti-Progressive Koch Brothers, and others. Is there a biography or other historical record that documented this FDR-elite dialogue, which was at least partially-successful in realizing the New Deal? This dialogue, IMO, is very important today, as we have some Progressives talking of a new version of the New Deal for today. This dialogue with wealthy elites is going to have to be continued, with many elites being convinced to help, if this current Progressive vision is to be realized. HOW did FDR persuade the elites who agreed, which ones went along, and why? What is the best account of this you know of?

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  • Don Lockman
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2017-10-21 23:08:42 -0400