France's President's policies shine light on America

The article linked to below describes President Macron's corporate-friendly "centrist" policy in France. But there is a problem here. France gives us a perfect example of why political "centrism" fails, in different countries, and by doing so, paves the way for polltical extremism, especially from the fascistic right-wing. Just a few months ago, Macron, an avowed "centrist" (similar to America's Clintonian corporate-friendly centrist Democrats), defeated the ultra-rightist Marie LePen in a major election, and the world gave a sigh of relief as extremism was defeated. But typical centrist pro-corporate policies like the one described above (i.e. limiting labor rights to enable investor'$ profits) is right out of the centrists' playbook, and mirrors the policies of the "centrist"/Clintonian Democrats in America, which have helped enable Trump's election. Assuming Macron, who is rapidly losing popularity already with the masses, keeps up these worker-hurting/pro-corporate-elite policies, you can bet the ranch LePen will be elected in his place within several years or so, due to popular unhappiness, and out and out anger, with those policies. In this way, centrism can be seen as a huge enabler of rightwing fascism, which waits in the shadows, licking its fangs as public opinion turns away from the centrists, and prepares for its coronation. Keep your eyes on France! LINK:

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Agreed. Let me only add that the French are watching the Trump regime in the US partly to guage whether corporate interests might be better served with a right-winger like him in office compared to the centrist Clinton-type. If Trump can still deliver to them the corporate dereguation, corporate and wealthy peoples' tax cuts, and subsidized "infrastructure" program he promised, the business elite might well think, in France too, that a time with a Le Pen in power might help western capitalism more than reverting to the old establishment types.

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