Solution to "Trumponomics 101", but nobody knows about it.

There exists a revolutionary solution to Trumponomics 101, yet getting average and even awakened people to take the time to learn about it and adopt this simple solution is like pulling teeth. Me and my fiancé have tried to get this movement started in our area which is very socioeconomically distressed (the Appalachian Mountain coal mining region). I was a famous Olympic figure skater turned doctor who got fed up with the medical system, and it appears that efforts are being taken to attack my credibility and stifle our message. I won't go into that here, but want to share a link to an informative video we made of an interview we did for a local radio show. I added invaluable visuals to get the point across better. I went to high school and college with Peter Thiel (billionaire founder of PayPal), and he was smart enough to drop out of pre-med and has warned of the college debt bubble. The system we speak of in the interview is an international gold money and payment system that is head and shoulders above PayPal. It is the only real existing solution to wealth inequality and the continuous shift of wealth to the elite and failing systems. It makes acquiring this physical gold money affordable to the masses. The problem is that the masses do not understand global economics nor the need or urgency to adopt this system. I know you are very busy, but please find 30 minutes to watch our video and help us get this info to the masses: Also, you may like these two videos: Karatbars International CEO explaining CASHGOLD, KaratPay, and KaratBank: Security features on new CASHGOLD design: We hope to get this information to more people and hope more people will participate and contribute to the solution instead of the problem by waiting for the government to fix it. It needs to be a revolution!

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  • Debi Thomas
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2017-01-25 08:03:21 -0500