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I want to explore trickel down and my mentor says this. Greenspan, another progressive globalist elitist, never spoke for Reagan...thank GOD!!! Hunter, here is something I did and you could do as well if you want to check to see if I'm right. I started with carter and ended with clinton checking all the President's just to see if trickle down economics really worked and helped the average American working for an hourly wage. I took the federal government's figures for the average hourly wage for non-agricultural workers and the government's figures for the average cost of a loaf of white lite bread so we could keep inflation out of the picture for each of those 4 presidents. Then I figured out how many loaves of bread per hour the workers described above earned. If you will check you will find the average worker had a much better life under Reagan than any of the 3 other presidents who were all progressive globalist elitist bastards. So yes trickle down economics did work. Don't be lazy.....letting others do the research and telling you what to think! Spend the time and do it yourself!. I countered with the argument that the cost of living drove the wage down thus making it appear that trickle down worked when it didn't....Who is right?

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Not sure I follow exactly what you are saying. Trickle down is merely ideological whitewashing of policies that pander to those at the top. They justify that by saying that some of the benefits to the top trickle down to others. True enough, but irrelevant. If your policies targeted primarily those at the bottom, some of their benefits would trickle up to others. The bottom line here is who gets the chief benefits and who is left to wait for and be satisfied with whatever trickles.

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