Ciao, Dr.! Got a minute or three to check out some ideas for upcoming shows?

Dr. Wolff, first off allow me to express my deep gratitude for your life's work. I have no doubt that you will soon do a program that looks at how we have arrived at this moment. Might I suggest you include a little bit on Henry Wallace, FDR's 2nd Bill of Rights, etc. and the ongoing response of the liberal establishment regarding said same. Might I also suggest a mention of Edward Bernays, the CPI and the birth of the modern propaganda system. Lastly, this might be a stretch for many, yourself included -- and I do not toss this out without a lot of time spent thinking critically about it -- I'm sure you know about Operation Paperclip, where the OSS scooped up thousands of hard-core Nazi officers, scientists, doctors, etc. "Human beings", like Mengele, Von Braun, Barbie. We even welcomed Col. Ichii with open arms. Question -- Could a case be made that basically the USA has become 4th Reich? The elites just want more more more, which is just psychopathology writ large--they really don't care what system gives it to them it seems. As a transgendered intersexed woman of 57 yrs, who is barely hanging by a thread as I watch it unravelling now, I know that I must fight for the coming generations, just like my ancestors have done before me. There has been too long a time when too many of us have been sleep-walking through life, believing the lie that the struggle is done, all is well. Remember Bill Hicks? "Go Back to Sleep, America!" Are there any savagely brilliant political comedians out there? Oh, my -- I'm veering off-tangent and I have already taken up too much of your time. I will leave you to it and as soon as I secure employ I will start saving some $ to send to you. My hope my prayer my dream is to be a gigging musician w/in the next year and so be able to join the fight that way -- play fundraisers for Water Protectors, etc. I am crying right now as a wave of emotion is welling up at the vision of myself, onstage in my "I fight fascists because they are fascists" t-shirt, tearing into "All Along The Watchtower". I've been playing 3 hours a day for the last year and am going to redouble my efforts because I want to get out there asap so I can stand with my sisters and brothers! Goddess Bless and godspeed to you. Lauren

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