What is the economics of the alt right ,and what exactly gives them the grounds to thrive ?

What are the economic measure public officials must implement to make sure the menance is stopped This is not a question to hear praise about the neo nazis but I would like you tell us what makes them strong and what makes them weak .What economic measures should people push for to stop their horrible agenda.

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Economic distress (insecure, low-paid jobs; poor public services; poor prospects for improvement anytime soon; clear pictures of fellow Americans enjoying luxuries) is a major fuel for alt right. An economic program that really, quickly, and substantially benefited them would win over most of them (something at least as good as FDR's New Deal in the 1930s). If Bernie Sanders won and did that, it would have weakened them severely. Why?Because the alt right offers them scapegoats for their anger at their situation and scapegoats are an important alternative to either self-blame or a sense of resigned impotence. Scapegoats wont change the economic suffering of alt-right folks but it will temporarily relieve it via distraction. It will make those who were suffering much less likely to be drawn to right-wing ideologues pushing the scapegating.

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