UK Landlords/ Members of Parliament

In January the Labour party tried to add an amendment to the housing bill that simply stated that all landlords would have to ensure that the accommodation they rent out is "fit for human habitation" but it was voted down by the Conservative party. In a recent survey from the housing charity Shelter, it was found that 4 in 10 homes fall below acceptable standards. "Shelter said 24% of people were not able to save anything for unexpected costs after meeting their rent or mortgage, and 23% worried that their rent or mortgage charges might become difficult to pay if they rose. A further 18% of people could not meet their housing costs without regularly cutting back on essentials like food or heating, and 20% could not do this without missing out on social activities, the charity said. Nearly one in five, or 18%, of homes failed the criteria for decent conditions, with renters twice as likely as homeowners to live in places which fail on this element of the standard." There also seems to be a conflict of interest here as 39% of the Conservative MPs are registered landlords, as well as 22% of Labour party and 26% of the Scottish National Party. Even though landlords only make up 2% of the UK population their representation in Parliament is almost a third. "As well as renting property, 18 MPs have a shareholding, interest or directorship in at least one property company. David Tredinnick, a Conservative backbencher, is the director of Malden Mitcham Properties and declared £22,311.52 of income from his 12 hours work for the company each month."

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