A meme suggests a badly poured beer is socialism, but I would like to know your take on this...

I suggested that if it were poured by a socialist model business than there are more people who could suggest a change of product, and in a capitalist model only those with owner authority can do so, and if it was their policy to begin with, then it is to the detriment of everyone if they choose not to change it. What is your take on this meme?

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The meme is hard to figure out other than ridicule. So let me offer this response: (1) before capitalism, bartenders were known to "water" the beer they sold to make more money, but (2) capitalism made the dilution universal requiring the government to set up and enforce standards on profit-driven capitalists, then (3) capitalists determined to profit from watered beer invented a combination of watered beer and advertising that claimed it was actually diet-focused "light" beer to enable humungous profit from watered beer. Socialism does not require any of that sad and pathetic history of beer.

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