Mutualism vs. Communism

While a socialism that consists of worker co-ops (like you propose) still operates in the market, communists argue that markets will always produce artificial scarcity because if you produce more than you can sell, you'll probably rather lower your production instead of your prices, as the latter is painful. But the alternative that communists propose is not libertarian: they propose that everyone just shares his or her production with the community and everyone can jut take what he or she wants or needs. But there might be people who don't want to just share everything but rather want to sell it in order to get stuff that is actually scarce. What do you think of the following proposal? The market stays in place, but at the moment, where you produce more stuff than you can sell on the market, you can sell it to the community which then distributes it according to communist principles. In that system, no one is forced to share everything he or she produces, but there will also not be false scarcity (and therefore, no one is forced to work either). If those, who say that humans actually want to share and help but the market prevents that, are actually right, then the above system would let communist distribution grow, but it would do so in a libertarian way.

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  • Markus Pfeifer
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2017-06-29 08:26:09 -0400