Asset-Recyling in Canada

I was glad to hear you cover the Canadian postal worker's situation. I thought you might be interested in another Canadian economics issue: so called "asset-recycling," which is described in this blog-post ( by a Canadian economist as: "Asset recycling is an obscure code word for selling our public goods for private profit. It’s privatization by another name. Don’t have the taxes to pay for new buses? It’s okay, you can sell your electricity utility to pay for them instead. " The author describes the Canadian Liberal Party's dedication to this admixture of neoliberalism and social democracy as being on the cutting edge, in that asset-recycling is now being promoted by the IMF. As he writes: "Canada’s Liberal Party is really at the forefront of this policy shift by elites." If this is true, then perhaps this phenomena is something that will soon be seen outside of Canada. I mean, the Liberal Party won our last election through a combination of lionizing the middle-class and promising to fund infrastructure spending; and I noticed that these same themes were touched on repeatedly at the DNC. Do you see "asset-recycling" coming to the US? And is this new hybrid of "neoliberalism and social democracy" a completely bad thing?

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  • Noah Dunn
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2016-07-30 19:50:33 -0400