Professor Wolff, thank you for all your exceptional work ...

Professor Wolff, thank you for all your exceptional work which I have been following for what seems about 10 years now. I just enjoyed reading James Kwak's new book "Economism," a 190 page discussion the way capital put Milton Friedman and Econ 101 front and center of almost all discussions in politics and economics over the past 50 years. If you haven't read it, I want to suggest it. --Brandon.

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Thanks, I will read it. Once small comment: there were big historical shifts in the aftermath of capitalism's Great Depression of the 19309s followed by perhaps the most destructive war in history and characterized by both left-wing and right-wing surges of anti-capitalism. The post 1946 reaction only tolerated the left-over Keynesianism as long as it had no political choice. But while it waited for better political conditions, it actively promoted redirecting the discourses of politics and economics especially. In politics it was all about anti-communism, anti-socialism, anti-Marxism; and in economics it was all about burying Marx and Keynes in favor of a revival of neoclassical economics. Milton Friedman offered himself as a leader for that revival. He was very well funded.

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