Good people, good institutions?

I am far from decided about what a good system of economics, because I am exploring the role of the individual that is imbued with free choice. Institutions are made up of people and its people that make decisions with consequences. What is these individuals made good choices for the benefit of people rather than the profit motive which I do not see as mutually exclusive, therefore the institutions in effect see good. Even if the people were fired, if there were enough people not to go a long with certain business practises, they would end. So do we not want to create an economic system that does not coerce any one to do anything but rather to focus on developing people to make moral choices with courage wealth be damned or rewarded? Would the ills of capitalism be dissipated and have a true free enterprise system where people are free to associate and organize as they please and as they see fit with their morals, even if it means less wealth? What is your view on individual agency and morality of the individual?

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  • Nicholas LePan
    commented 2017-10-13 02:19:25 -0400
    Sorry for the spelling and grammar, typing on a small phone with autocorrect.
  • Nicholas LePan
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