Why don't you discuss the interrelation of capitalism and modern slavery.

In a recent online lecture, you said something to the effect that slavery had been eliminated and/or that slavery as an economic institution had passed. While slavery is no longer the dominate institution (if it ever was), it is far from eliminated. In fact, according to the top experts, there are more slaves in the world today that any other time in history. Experts conservatively estimate 27-29 million slaves. These slaves work for nothing and will be hurt or killed if they try to leave, fitting the traditional definition and differentiating them from the hundreds of millions of sweatshop workers. See, e.g. Disposable People by Kevin Bales, the Free the Slaves website or the Antislavery International website. That modern capitalism allows this and even benefits/profits from it is a topic worthy of consideration.

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  • roger hull
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2017-08-03 11:19:13 -0400