Source on stat regarding Illegal Immigrants?

Hi Prof. Wolff: In one of your podcasts, you'd mentioned that the poorest 1% of our nation are undocumented immigrants. Is there a source you could refer me to, so I may investigate further?

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Here is how the figure was produced: Trump's most frequently used number of the undocumented immigrants he plans to deport is 3 million. That is roughly 1% of the US population at present. Undocumented immigrants are at the bottom of the economic ladder since they not only have few skills and credentials for work, but they also cannot complain if/when employers abuse them by not paying even the low wages promised. Likewise their immigration problems prevent them from qualifying for social security, medical services, etc. for fear of encountering immigration authorities, etc. Various studies indicate that as a result, the undocumented are the worst remunerated working people in the US. Thus Trump - a member of the richest 1% - advocates solving the jobs problem of US capitalism by deporting the poorest 1%.

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    Thanks for your time, Dr. Wolff. Have a wonderful new year…
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