Is the heroin epidemic proper wording?

It should be called toxic epidemic shouldn't it. You have people sniffing any toxic they can get. I won't name the list because I don't have a complete one but I'll make a few like paint, pills, heroin and crystal meth. Now all have side effects of stupidity, sickness, reversal of healing and worse for kids which I think means a couple diseases. Crystal meth had the added side effects of damaging and changing your DNA and genes and about 8 more diseases. Man and animals can't smell toxic in the air. Now on Google in June of 2016 when I typed toxic detector it showed there was one used in chimneys of manufacturing plants. It hasn't been there previously and then it wasn't there when I looked again about 8 months later. I did find it again but you have to type in gas toxic detector. The information about it seems to get more and more silly however. These whole point is that the rich run science in America. We need a toxic detector in our hands to protect ourselves from our neighbors. I'm in Chicago and you knows it's a crowded city. Crowds are something I don't like because toxic comes out of a person's sweat and gets into their clothes. Thanks to having altered smell I can smell all toxic in the air. It's true I had to lose a portion of my brain to gain this never seen before ability but I've learned very much about this society in our lives and the need for a toxic detector. I've read that too get the toxic out of your clothes you have to add vinegar to your wash, people should know this. How I hope people will know this soon. I'm shocked still about this situation that makes people not who they could be as far as intelligence and health because of this toxic epidemic. I blame the rich I do because they run science. There's many things I know like flies hate the smell too. Thank you and thanks for your time on the Thom Hartman Program which was nice to see you're man vested in sharing the truth about our future in this broken government system.

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  • Hector Alicea
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2018-02-24 10:01:15 -0500