How much influence do advertisers have american news media outlets?

For the better part of 10yrs Fox News actively protected, and in many cases covered up, sexual harassment allegations toward their #1 anchor Bill Oriely. It wasn't until advertisers started to pull add$$$ from his show that Fox finally let him go. Does this speak to how much influence that advertisers have over American News outlets? Or is this simply a product of Fox News company culture? Or is this a symptom of a larger problem that extends to other News media outlets? CNN, MSNBC are likely coulperets. For instance I'm dumfounded Everytime I see a Haliburton or lockheed martin advertising on these news channels - these companies don't sell consumer products, why are they advertising on consumer news channels???... Are they buying advertising time on these channels as a PR move? Or are they buying influence over the channel? Both? Further, if advertisers carry weight over the major news media outlets, what about smaller outlets such as NPR that accept a lot of small dollar donations from listeners but also actively take millions from advertisers? I struggle as a GenX'r to find reliable news sources partly because I feel I've been conditioned my hole life not to trust advertising... And If there is no truth in advertising, then does truth exist in advertiser funded news? How does a learned man such as Rich-the-Wolff go about separating facts from opinions in the modern age of information?

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  • Tio Wyatt
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2018-01-14 17:28:48 -0500