Paul Krugman: Shame on You (Blog)

Today’s New York Times column by Paul Krugman achieves a new low. "Good news" for workers? Wow. Maybe ignoring criticisms of Keynesian economics from the left all these years has made Krugman see no need to deal with them; after all his job now seems to be to attack the Republicans for Mr Obama's benefit.
Lets see; as important as having a job - and we are not yet even half way from the crisis peak of 10% unemployment back to the pre-crisis outrage of 5% unemployment - is what kind of job. No good news there: high paying jobs keep being replaced by low-paying jobs; benefits associated with jobs keep being cut back; workers everywhere report speed-up and overwork pressures like never before. Public education - a major route to better jobs - is everywhere being cut at all levels, quantitatively and qualitatively, thereby deteriorating that path for workers; is that good news for jobs now and in the future?
Biggest error of omission in Krugman's oh-so-moderate rant: like Romney and Obama, he carefully avoids mention of a public employment program like that adopted by Roosevelt from 1934 to 1941 (when he created and filled over 12 million federal jobs). Krugman writes as if that never happened so that it cannot be imagined or brought up for consideration as anyone not blinded by ideological and/or careerist motives would surely do.
Most reasonable response to Krugman: "shame on you!"

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