Occupy the Mind: Progressive Moral Agenda for the 21st Century

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On Sunday, January 22nd, The Riverside Church hosted "Occupy the Mind: Progressive Moral Agenda for the 21st Century" featuring the "Shared Reflections and Conversations With": Dr. Cornel West, Union Theological Seminary President Rev. Dr. Serene Jones, Editor of Tikkun Rabbi Michael Lerner, Prof. Richard D. Wolff (U Mass), Prof. James Vrettos (John Jay College) and Riverside's Interim Senior Minister, Rev. Stephen H. Phelps. Said Rev. Phelps, "In his 1967 speech "Beyond Vietnam," Martin Luther King Jr. pressed again and again upon his listeners how America must undergo a "true revolution of values." The Occupy movement is exactly about that kind of revolution. It tells us that only a change of heart can steer America onto the road of the future. Occupy the Mind on January 22nd aimed to give everyone space to think and feel after what is needed for a true revolution of values. Occupy the Mind was not an event. It was a learning lab."

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